Summer Session

Summer Session General Info

DSPT will not be offering Summer Classes in 2013

Who Can Enroll?

Courses are taught at the graduate academic level; persons who take courses for academic credit are expected to have a bachelor's degree or the equivalent. Students who are new to DSPT may take courses for continuing education credits or as special students for academic credit. See Summer Session Registration for more information.

Transferring Academic Credit

The receiving institution always determines whether or not to accept transfer credit. Unless otherwise noted, all courses are fully accredited - please check with your registrar and/or academic advisor, prior to enrolling, as to the applicability of DSPT Summer Session courses to your particular degree program, and area of study.


Early Registration for current DSPT and GTU students begins Monday, April 9. General Registration for continuing education summer students begins Tuesday, May 15, and continues until the first day of class. To ensure a spot in a class with a maximum enrollment restriction and to help prevent cancellation of a course for which insufficient interest is shown, students should register as early as possible. Students who register the first day of class are assessed a same-day fee of $75. See the Registration page for complete registration instructions.

Program Changes

DSPT reserves the right to change course descriptions, instructors, dates and hours of instruction, meeting places, and prices. In the event of a conflict between printed material and information on this web site, the information on this web site takes precedence.

DSPT reserves the right to cancel classes for insufficient enrollment. Students will receive a full refund for any course cancelled by DSPT.

Course / Grading Policies

Students should refer to the course description and syllabus for specific attendance and grading policies. In general, students must be present in all classes and complete required work to receive academic credit or to earn continuing education units (CEU).

Courses taken for academic credit are taken either for letter grade or pass/fail. Students may indicate their grading option preference during the registration process. Courses taken for CEU are noted as credit/ no credit.

Changes to Enrollment Status

Students may change enrollment status - drop a course, change grading option, or change credit type - with the approval of the instructor and registrar. Changes to enrollment must be completed by the first day of class. A $50 processing fee applies.There is no tuition credit for changes from academic credit to CEU on or after the start of the course. Contact the Registrar for more information.

GTU LibraryLibrary Use

Summer Session students may purchase GTU library cards as a "Community Patron" for $40 for three months. GTU alumni may purchase alumni cards for $30 for a year. See the GTU Library website for more information.


Contact the Director of Admissions for more information.

Refund Policy

Students will receive a full refund for a course cancelled by DSPT.

Tuition is refunded, less a $50 cancellation fee, to students who withdraw by notifying the DSPT Registrar more than six weeks before the course begins. After the six-week mark, upon proper notification to the Registrar, tuition is refunded at the following rates:

  • less than 6 weeks up to the day the course begins - tuition refunded minus $75 cancellation fee
  • after the first day of the course - no refunds



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