Tuition, Fees and Financial Aid

Tuition and FeesDSPT - Contaact Admissions

2013-14 Tuition is $650 per unit for all DSPT programs.  Full-time is 12 units.  Most courses are 3 units.

MA Students: Students in DSPT MA degree programs meet the tuition residency requirement once they have registered for and paid tuition equivalent to the 48 required units. Students in DSPT concurrent MA (Philosophy)/MA (Theology) degree programs meet the tuition residency requirement once they have registered for and paid tuition equivalent to the 63 required units. Those who have fulfilled the tuition residency requirement but have not completed all of the program requirements are considered “continuing” students and pay a flat tuition rate each semester. The continuing rate for 2013-14 is $3,895.

GTU Common MA Students: Those affiliated with DSPT pay the GTU tuition rate of $650 per unit to DSPT.  Those who have registered and paid the GTU full tuition rate for two years are considered “continuing” students and pay the GTU continuing rate for each subsequent semester.  The continuing rate for 2013-14 is $3,895.

Summer Session - Students may take courses for full academic credit at the regular tuition rate, or for Continuing Education Units (CEU) at a reduced rate.

Auditors - Students auditing courses must register and pay regular tuition and fees. DSPT students in degree programs, as well as Special Students and Certificate Students, may audit one course per semester free of charge if enrolled full-time as follows: 12 units taken in the Fall semester allows for one free audit in either that semester or the next following January Intersession; 12 units taken in the Spring semester allows for one free audit only in that semester. Free audits cannot be accumulated. No academic credit is earned.  Audit status requires faculty permission and is not available for all courses.

2013-14 Fees

  • Application: $50 (non-refundable)
  • Graduation: $100
  • Student Activity / Campus Technology: $50 per semester
  • Thesis: $50
  • Transcript: $5 (first copy is free)
  • Late Registration: $100
  • Change of Enrollment: $50 per change (an additional fee may be charged by UC Berkeley for dropping a UCB course after the second week of classes)
  • Student ID or Library Card Replacement: $10
  • Leave of Absence: $100
Tuition and fees are due and payable upon enrollment. Students may view their account balance in WebAdvisor.  A late payment fee applies to any unpaid account as of the second Friday of each semester.  Additional late charges may continue to accrue until the balance is paid.  Payment for tuition and fees may be left in the Business Office mailbox located in the DSPT reception area or mailed to DSPT, 2301 Vine Street, Berkeley, California, 94708.  Students with questions about their account balance may contact the GTU Business Office Assistant at, or (510) 649-2429.  The GTU Business Office is located on the 3rd floor of the Flora Lamson Hewlett (GTU) Library at 2400 Ridge Road. This office is closed on Fridays.

Students enrolled in six (6) or more units who are unable to pay the full tuition at the time of registration may wish to take advantage of a monthly payment plan option. Applications for this monthly option are available on the Student Forms page.  The completed application, processing fee, and down payment are due to the Business Office no later than the last day of the registration period.

Tuition rates are subject to a small annual increase.

Students with outstanding financial obligations to DSPT or any GTU affiliate may not register for classes, graduate, or obtain transcripts.

Refunds. A tuition refund will be granted to a student who formally drops a course by Friday of the fourth week of the semester (see calendar). A Change of Enrollment Fee of $50 will still be charged for each change. No refund of any amount will be made for courses dropped after that time. Students who withdraw and are receiving financial aid may be required to return funds to the financial aid program. More information: GTU Financial Aid Office.

Estimated Non-Tuition Student Expenses. The following budget is based on single student averages throughout the GTU and is to be used as a guideline only.  Actual costs vary.  GTU student housing, for example, is typically less than the estimates below.  Create your own budget using actual or projected costs to estimate your expenses more accurately.  Contact the GTU Financial Aid Office for evaluation of your budget. While expenses for family members are not factored into the student budget, we suggest adding $2,500 to the budget for each dependent.  Students with childcare expenses may submit documentation to be used in evaluating federal aid eligibility.

  • Housing: $1,100 per month / $4,400 per semester / $9,900 per academic year (9 months)
  • Food: $375 per month / $1,500 per semester / $3,375 per academic year
  • Transportation: $250 per month / $1,000 per semester / $2,250 per academic year
  • Medical Insurance: $230 per month
  • Books/Supplies: $500 per semester / $1,000 per academic year
  • Misc./Personal Expenses: $150 per month / $600 per semester / $1,350 per academic year

Total Estimated Living Expenses: $8,920 per semester / $19,945 per academic year (plus tuition and fees)