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DSPT Facilities Use Policies

Facilities Request Form

DSPT will accept requests for use of our facilities for uses that are in line with the Mission of our School.

DSPT Blackfriars Gallery

All facilities requests (including those from DSPT Staff, Faculty & Students and WDP Friars) must be approved by the Office Manager. Please fill out the Facilities Request Form.

Priority for facilities use will always be given to DSPT events, those being hosted by staff, faculty, and current students of the School, and friars of the WDP. A secondary “priority” is given to GTU requests for use of the school, first for courses and second for any events that we judge to be in line with our mission.

When space is available, we will approve events being run by DSPT alumni and donors, Diocese and parish organizations, or other outside groups.

Art Exhibits:

If you are interested in having your artwork or collection exhibited at the Dominican School, go to the Blackfriars Gallery Information and Guildelines for Artists Page.


  1. All persons wishing to use the DSPT facilities must fill out this facilities request form (click the link to open the form, when you are done, the form will be sent to the Office Manager for review).

  2. Organizers of events occurring after regular DSPT office hours (8am-5pm, Monday-Friday) will be charged a $30 key host fee. The key host is a DSPT staff member assigned to your event to open and close the space and assist you with questions, emergencies, etc.

  3. Outside organizations are requested to make a donation to DSPT when using our facilities. The suggested donation is $250.00 for each day’s use of the facilities plus key host fees ($30). For more complex events, or events with a high number of attendees, a larger donation would be suggested on a case by case basis.

    1. All outside organizations must provide proof of insurance for their events before they can be approved. 

    2. Individuals who are not connected with an organization that can provide insurance may purchase insurance at (DSPT's location code is 3960.) More information can be found in this brochure from TULIP pdf .

  4. GTU professors and groups are requested to make a donation to DSPT when using our facilities after hours (8am-5pm, Monday-Friday) and/or on weekends. The suggested donation is $125 per event (there may be additional charges for multi-day events) plus key host fees ($30).

  5. If users need to check out keys or be trained on the equipment in classroom 1, they are required to arrange a time, at least one working day prior to their event, to pick up the keys and/or receive training with the Office Manager.

Terms of Facilities Use

Each person who uses the facilities agrees to the following terms (These terms are listed on the facilities request form and on the form that must be signed when they pick up their keys.):

  • Any keys that are borrowed must be returned to the DSPT office the morning of the next working day. There will be a $25 fee for lost or unreturned keys. Do not duplicate keys.

  • Each person or group using the facilities will provide their own refreshments, plates, utensils, napkins, etc. Hot water for tea/coffee is provided in the vending area off the Galleria.

  • All programs must conclude by midnight.

  • When leaving the facilities:

    • clean up any debris and wipe down tables, chalk or white boards, leaving the building in the condition in which you found it;

    • vacuum or carpet sweep the carpet;

    • return chairs, tables, etc. to original set-up (a map of the chair locations may be found in the top drawer under the crucifix on the north end of the Galleria);

    • turn off all lights;

    • lock all doors;

    • take your garbage and recycling with you.



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