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  • DSPT Blackfriars Gallery Seating Area

    Blackfriars Gallery Overview

    Blackfriars Gallery provides a place to engage works of art not simply as objects on display but as catalysts for conversation – between artist and viewer; between the subject matter and the academy; and between the Human and the Divine. The Gallery is committed to the presentation of quality art as a means to generate dialogue between our community and contemporary culture.

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  • Early Christianity in the Cinema - The "Sword and Sandal" Film Epic

    This collection of international movie posters represents some of the most elaborate spectacles in cinema history recalling those films that dramatized the conflict between the Greco-Roman classical world and the emerging followers of Jesus Christ whose spilt blood helped transform and convert an entire empire.

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  • Evidence for Peace – Four Interpretations of the Stations of the Cross

    In this art exhibition at Blackfriars Gallery, I present four series of paintings and drawings. Each contains fifteen pieces which depict the fourteen Stations of the Cross, plus the Resurrection of Christ. Using traditional materials such as oil, graphite, wood or paper, each series is executed in a different expression and subject matter, from minimal abstractions to representational landscapes.

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  •  So that you know each other - Salma Arastu

    Celebrating Vatican II and Nostra Aetate - Approaching the Qur'an through Art

    Fall 2013 - In the spirit of Nostra Aetate, Vatican II's declaration on interreligious dialogue, this exhibit presents the Qur'an through modern painting and calligraphy. “It is important that Muslims and Christians continue to explore philosophical and theological questions together, in order to come to a more objective and comprehensive knowledge of each others’ religious beliefs." - Blessed John Paul II

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  • Jesus Appears to His Disciples - Leon Kortenkamp

    Scriptural Reflections

    Fall 2012 - A collaborative exhibit of paintings, graphite drawings, and prints by Deacon Leon Kortenkamp and Katie Schmid, through which the viewer encounters the Scripture narratives.

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  • Faith in Food

    Spring 2012 - Jointly sponsored by the Center for the Arts, Religion and Education (CARE) and the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology (DSPT), Faith in Food offers several forums in which to explore the relationship of food to culture, beauty, and our human well-being: two semester-long courses, three GTU gallery exhibits, and a film series.

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  • Monachologia: Or the Handbook of the Natural History of Monks (1782) - Dominican

    Monks & Friars & Food . . . Oh My!

    Spring 2012 - From the ridiculous to the sublime, the exhibition here at DSPT charts those points wherein monastic practices, both real and perceived, have left their mark in culinary history. Fine art, prints, photographs, books, and artifacts have been gathered to amaze, entertain, and instruct viewers in the sweet and savory secrets of the cloister.

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  • Lactation Miracle of St. Bernard - Stained Glass Window from the Abbey at Gethsemani

    Visual Meditations from Thomas Merton's Abbey of Gethsemani

    September 2011 - January 2012: On display in Blackfriars Gallery through January 2012, Visual Mediations from Thomas Merton's Abbey of Gethsemani offers three components which together provide a glimpse into the history and life of the monks of The Abbey of Our Lady of Gethsemani (Kentucky). Stained Glass Conservation by Joan Clair Di Stefano; Poetry by Br. Rene Girard, OCSO; Photography by Br. Paul Quenon, OCSO

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  • Not Broken: New Katrina Documentary by Fr. Armando P. Ibáñez, OP

    Not Broken: New Katrina Documentary - Testament to Human Spirit

    May 4, 2011: Fr. Chris Renz, OP will be screeing a new, award-winning documentary, Not Broken, that is different from the films released thus far about the Katrina disaster according to producer-director Fr. Armando P. Ibáñez, OP, a Dominican friar of the Southern Dominican Province, headquartered in New Orleans.

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  • 30 Years/30 Lives - Participant 27

    30 Years/30 Lives: Documenting a Pandemic

    January - March 2011: As the world community approaches the thirtieth year of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, “30 Years / 30 Lives” aims to recalibrate our vision by introducing viewers to thirty individuals in the United States, South Africa, Thailand, and Mexico whose lives have intersected in some way with HIV/AIDS, whether through care for or loss of a loved one, engagement in humanitarian response, or acquisition of an infection directly.

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  • Portrait of St. John Bosco, 1880

    Don Bosco: Photographs of the Life of a Saint

    September - December 2010: In celebration of the 200th anniversary of St. John Bosco's birth and the 25th anniversary of the affiliation of the Institute of Salesian Studies with DSPT, thirty five photographs documenting Don Bosco's life and death were displayed in Blackfriars Gallery.

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  • DSPT Constable Exhibit - High Altar of St. Dominic Church, San Francisco

    Open Space Inside-Out: the Architectural Drawings of Arnold S. Constable

    May - July 2010: The craft of designing and constructing buildings explores the relationship between physical space and human need (both physical and metaphysical). Prominent in the creation of worship spaces throughout the Bay area, Arnold Constable is of particular importance to DSPT and the local community.

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  • DSPT Children from Around the World Exhibit

    Children from Around the World

    February - May 2010:Photos from the many travels of DSPT Student, Dolores Meehan, to Guatamala, Kenya, Australia, Russia, China, Tibet, Nepal, Costa Rica and Palestine.

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  • Damien: A One-Man Play Celebrating Blessed Damien's Canonization

    Damien: A One-Man Play Celebrating Blessed Damien's Canonization

    October 22, 2009:Written by Aldyth Morris and starring Casey Groves. A true story of the heroic Catholic Priest who was a fountain of light to those suffering the darkness of leprosy on the Hawaiian Island of Moloka'i in the 1800s.

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  • DSPT Touching the Land Exhibit

    Touching the Land: Contemporary Aboriginal Art from Australia

    March 23 - May 22, 2009:Aboriginal art has been called the most important art movement since abstract expressionism. Many of the artists in this exhibit are internationally recognized, with work in American, European and Australian collections. “The uniqueness of this art is that it is produced by people who until recently lived in the Stone Age.” (Cecilia Alfonso, Warlukurlangu Aboriginal Artist Association)

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  • DSPT Picturing Paradise Exhibit

    Picturing Paradise: Cuadros by the Peruvian Women of the Pamplona Alta as Visions of Hope

    January 26 - March 20, 2009:Picturing Paradise is an exhibition featuring embroidered and appliquéd fabric pictures called cuadros, created by women of Compacto Humano and Manos Ancashinas, two art cooperatives located in Pamplona Alta, a shantytown situated on the outskirts of Lima, Peru.

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  • Stations of the Cross

    Spring 2008: Charcoal drawings of the stations of the cross by DSPT Alumnus Lam Khong.

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  • Tibetan refugee in Kathmandu - Photo by Charlene Dorman

    Therefore I Have Hope – "From Chaos There Rises the World of the Spirit"

    Fall 2008: "This body of work was born as a result of 9/11. Each dawn the Holy Spirit invited, no, compelled me directly into my studio. Day after day, week after week, I was driven, driven, to stay in my studio. There I sat amidst the world’s and my own chaos - thirty years of work prints, finished prints, binders filled with thousands of negatives from many countries, and my own priceless clutter. The Spirit began rising. Years of photographs and this prayer by Amy Carmichael - which had rested in proximity for so many years - now gradually began WORKING TOGETHER, each giving the other new cohesiveness and meaning." - Charlene Dorman

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  • DSPT Sword and Sandal Exhibit

    Moving Pictures: The Bible and Beyond

    August 2006 - March 2007:An exhibition of worldwide cinematic art inspired by the religious epics set in the ancient world, from Adam and Eve to Constantine the Great: Posters, Motion Picture Stills, Lobby Cards, Books, Programs, and Props.

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