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Campus Safety & Emergency Resources

It's always best to have a plan in case of emergencies wherever you are. Here is a list of DSPT/GTU and Bay Area related links that can help you stay notified and prepared for whatever emergy situation might arise.

Don't Panic
Personal Safety on the DSPT and GTU Campuses

Campus Safety is a primary concern of DSPT. As required under Federal law (Clery Act), DSPT publishes an annual report on campus security and safety, the DSPT Annual Campus Security Report.

GTU Alerts - Emergency Notification System:  Provides alerts in the event an immediate and life threatening event or other critical situation that affects all of our campuses.  Alerts can be sent out utilizing SMS Text Messaging, email and voice messages, as deemed necessary. Visit link to sign up for this free service.

GTU Library Safety pdf - Theft in the Library is an unfortunate reality. Please help us take every precaution to ensure the security of your personal belongings.
Beginning at dusk, 7 days a week, you can access the BearWalk web link at http://bearwalk.berkeley.edu/to make a request for a safe way home, and to see a live map of our night safety buses and their proximity relative to your lo.ation.   You can also contact BearWalk via phone at 642-WALK .9255.. Remember, shuttles stop on the North Side of Moffitt every half hour. For further info please visit the UCPD website at http://police.berkeley.edu/bearwalk

Manage your subscription preferences for UC Police News and sign up for crime alerts at: http://police.berkeley.edu/newselist.html.
UCPD also feeds its crime alerts to Twitter.http://twitter.com/UCPD_Cal. and Facebook .http://www.facebook.com/UCPDCal..

Information on Crime Prevention Strategies can be found at: http://police.berkeley.edu/programsandservices/campus_safety/guidelines.html

How to prevent auto burglaries from the city of Berkeley.

Natural Disasters

72hours.org 72hours.org is a simple yet effective tool for emergency information concerning everything from pets to transit, first aid to volunteering. 
http://www.usalarm.com/mother-nature-safety-tips.html mother nature  is a comprehensive collection of articles from a wide variety of excellent sources on how to prepare and survive natural disasters: floods, earthquakes, wildfire, hurricanes, tornadoes & volcanoes.
earthquakecountry.info earthquatecountry provides info and demonstration video of what to do in an earthquake in the article Drop, Cover, and Hold On earthquatecountry . They also provide 7 steps to earthquake safety earthquatecountry  - tips for preparations before an earthquake.

Get Ready in Berkeley City of Berkeley   is the fire department's incredibly useful library of PDFs for general and Bay specific emergency preparedness. Remember: "no one's prepared until everyone's prepared!"