Student Life

Bar Guide

While certainly not covering all possible options, here is a selection of some of the student favorites around the area.

The Pub - On Solano, a small bar in a house that serves very good, mainly English, beers, including Old Speckled Hen. They also have roll-your-own cigarettes, pipe tobacco, and two covered, outdoor smoking areas. It's a good place to emulate the likes of Tolkien, Lewis, and Chesterton by talking about intellectual matters whilst drinking a pint and smoking a pipe.

Thalassa: Near downtown Berkeley on Shattuck, Thalassa has a tiki bar feel in the front and large pool hall in the back.

The Graduate - Located near St. Albert's Priory. Free popcorn with hot sauce, and hella cheap PBR and well drinks. Good times.

Mint Leaf: On Shattuck in the Epicurious Garden, Mint Leaf is an Indian restaurant that has a great happy hour with inexpensive specialty cocktails, beers on tap, and appetizers.

Jupiter - Restaurant and microbrewery. Jupiter mainly serves their own beers, which are delicious. The food is also good. If you go with a large group, you will probably have to wait to get a table.

The Albatross - Typically fairly crowded, but they have a good selection, as well as many dart boards.

The Mallard - Good drinks, several pool tables, and an extensive outdoor smoking area with heat lamps make this a fun place to go.

The Hotsy Totsy - A perennial GTU favorite. Located in Albany near El Cerrito Plaza Bart, the Totsy is kinda divish, but a great place to hang out, drink, and play shuffleboard.