Syllabi and Course Information

Fall 2013 at DSPT

Syllabi are posted approximately one week prior to General Registration. Before that time, students may consult the GTU Course Catalog for course descriptions and meeting times.

Course #
Course Title / Syllabus
Faculty Email
Faculty Page
BSSP1066 Basics: Biblical Studies & Spirituality pdf Green Green
BS2002 Intermediate Hebrew I pdf DSPT 2 M/TH 08:10AM 09:30PM Green Green
BS2008 Intermediate Greek I pdf DSPT 1 T/F

08:10AM 09:30PM

Paretsky Paretsky
BS4002 Advanced Hebrew Reading pdf DSPT 2 M 02:10PM 05:00PM

Davidson Flesher  Endres

Green Davidson Flesher Endres

OT2608 Wisdom/Writings pdf DSPT 2 M/TH 11:10AM 12:30PM Green Green
NT2235 The Synoptic Gospels pdf DSPT 1 M/TH 08:10AM 09:30AM Paretsky Paretsky
NT4421 The Corinthian Body pdf DSPT 3 T 12:40PM 03:30PM Paretsky Paretsky
HS1105 History of Christianity I pdf DSPT 18 M/TH 11:10AM 12:30PM Thompson Thompson
HS2881 Don Bosco Founder pdf ISS M/TH 08:10AM 09:30AM Lenti Lenti
PH1008 General Ethics pdf DSPT 1 M 07:10PM 09:40PM Farina Farina
PH1056 Philosophy of Nature pdf DSPT 2 TH 12:40PM 03:30PM Dodds Dodds
PH1115 Aristotelian Logic pdf DSPT 3 M/TH 08:10AM 09:30AM Thompson Thompson
PH1200 Philosophy for Theology pdf DSPT 2 F 02:10PM 05:00PM Ludwig Ludwig
PHHS1050 History of Philosophy:Ancient pdf DSPT 1 T/F 09:40AM 11:00AM Ludwig Ludwig
PHHS2000 History of Philosophy:Modern pdf DSPT 1 M 09:40AM 12:30PM Ramelow Ramelow
PHCE4012 Natural Law pdf MUDD205 M 11:10AM 02:00PM Krasevac Krasevac
PH4211 Thomas Aquinas on Truth pdf DSPT 2 F 11:10AM 02:00PM Martin Martin
PHRA4321 Philosophical Aesthetics I pdf DSPT 1 TH 12:40PM 03:30PM Ramelow Ramelow
PH4585 Philosophy Writing Seminar pdf


M 03:30PM 06:30PM Vega Vega
PH4710 Philosophy of Mind pdf DSPT122 M 11:10AM 02:00PM Vega Vega
ST1710 Theology: Method & Structure pdf DSPT 2 T 12:40PM 03:30PM Kromholtz Kromholtz
ST2232 Historical Development of Christology pdf CDSP B TH 09:40AM 12:30PM Krasevac Krasevac
ST3067 Theology of Sacraments pdf DSPT 1 F 12:40PM 03:30PM Kromholtz Kromholtz
STSP3081 Post-Modern Evangelization pdf ISS M/TH 11:10AM 12:30PM Roche Roche
ST3720 Interpretive Theological Application pdf DSPT 3 S 09:40AM 12:30PM Krasevac Krasevac
STSP4725 Church on the Move pdf DSPT 3 M/Th 09:40AM 12:30PM Boenzi Boenzi
STPH4885 Issues in Divine Action pdf CDSP113 M 02:10PM 05:00PM Dodds
CE2003 Roman Catholic Sexual Ethics pdf DSPT 3 TH 12:40PM 03:30PM Farina Farina
PS1016 Pastoral Counseling: Process/Skills pdf DSPT 2 T 08:10AM 11:00AM Ormond Ormond
HM1073-01 Foundations of Preaching pdf DSPT: Chapel T 08:10AM 11:00AM Propst Propst
HM1073-02 Foundations of Preaching pdf DSPT: Chapel T 12:40PM 03:30PM Propst Propst
HM2230 Liturgical Preaching pdf DSPT: Chapel F 08:10AM 11:00AM Propst Propst
RAHS1604 Christian Iconography pdf DSPT 1 TH 09:40AM 12:30PM Morris Morris
RAST2300 Religion & the Cinema pdf DSPT 1 T 06:10PM 09:00PM Morris Morris
HRST4220 Myth, Ritual & Sacrament pdf DSPT 18 TH 04:00PM 07:00PM Martin Martin
SP2130 Salesian Identity & Charism pdf ISS T/F 08:10AM 09:30AM Boenzi Boenzi
FE1040 Field Education Level 1 pdf DSPT 2 TBD TBD Fones Fones