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Thank You, Fr. Michael Sweeney, OP!

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Celebrating 10 years with Father Michael Sweeney, OP, as DSPT President! 

DSPT - Sweeney Photo Gallery For the past 10 years, Father Michael Sweeney, OP has overseen an extraordinary period of growth and transition at DSPT including: the acquisition and renovation of the current Vine Street campus in Berkeley; growth in the faculty, staff, and student body; the development of a concurrent MA philosophy/MA theology program—the only such program in existence on the continent; and growth in outreach to the community both locally and internationally. Father Michael inaugurated the DSPT College of Fellows, comprised of 26 highly accomplished lay men and women who serve to shed light on secular matters of significance for philosophy and theology and extend the reach and heighten the profile of the school.

consider making a gift in Father Michael’s honor to support DSPT, the institution whose students, faculty, staff, and broader community Father Michael has passionately and selflessly served these past ten years! Thank you for your support.

Please send personal notes of congratulations and greetings intended for Father Michael Sweeney to: or addressed to him at: DSPT, 2301 Vine Street, Berkeley, CA 94708.

Thank you for your generous support and encouragement!