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Enjoy access to faculty from DSPT, the GTU, UC Berkeley and abroad.

DSPT Professor Fr. Michael Dodds, OP assists DSPT studentOur faculty members reflect the School's strong commitment to scholarship.They combine academic expertise in their fields, with a genuine interest in the insights, needs and creative work of their students. Teaching is of central importance. Classes are small, and faculty members are easily accessible. 

Our students have access to the faculty and resources of all of the GTU member schools and affiliates. The GTU faculty is comprised of over 150 scholars in various fields and disciplines that offer over 750 classes. Without additional tuition fees, our students may also take classes at the University of California, Berkeley external link. UC Berkeley's academic departments consistently rank among the top in the country. 

Our theology students can study abroad at the Angelicum external link, also known as the Dominican Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas, in Rome. The Angelicum was founded in the 17th century and draws professors and students from around the world. 

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 "Manifest in each professor here is a great love of the intellectual life and dedication to the pursuit of wisdom and knowledge, which inspires students to excel. Here I have found the ideal situation to study the great minds, unlock their intricate systems and stand in awe of Truth." - Scott Martin 

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