Areas of Concentration

Systematic and Philosophical Theology

A concentration in Systematic and Philosophical Theology engages in the ongoing task of interpreting the Christian faith in response to our modern and emerging post-modern culture.

Adoration of the Trinity - Albrecht Durer, 1511As a member of the GTU, DSPT can offer its students the choice of several areas of concentration designated by the GTU which draw upon the expertise of faculty from DSPT, GTU and UC Berkeley.

Students and faculty at the Graduate Theological Union (GTU) analyze the ancient biblical faith and its ongoing re-interpretations in Christian tradition, tracing its influence on the history of ideas, examining its philosophical underpinnings and implications, and critically engaging its various contemporary re-conceptualizations. At the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology (DSPT), emphasis is given to the need for theology to be pursued in its traditional Roman Catholic -- and particularly Thomistic -- roots, as well as in an ecumenical spirit, with increased attention to cross-cultural dimensions of understanding.

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Students with an interest in theology and science will find the resources of the GTU, including the Center for Theology and Natural Sciences (CTNS), to be invaluable in their study.

DSPT Faculty:

Joseph Boenzi, SDB - Ecclesiology
Michael Dodds, OP - Divine action; theology and science; Thomas Aquinas; theodicy
Edward Krasevac, OP - Christology; Natural Law in Thomas Aquinas
Bryan Kromholtz, OP - Thomas Aquinas; eschatology
Anselm Ramelow, OP - Metaphysics; hermeneutics; epistomology
Selected GTU Faculty:

Marion Grau external link (CDSP) - Doctrinal studies, especially soteriology; methodological approaches; hermeneutics; divine action in the world
George Griener, SJ external link (JST) - Theology of suffering; Trinity; the human person; Karl Rahner"s philosophy of religion
Ted Peters external link (PLTS) - The evolution controversy; the stem cell controversy; the future of systematic theology
Robert Russell external link (GTU/CTNS) - Eschatology and physical cosmology; Trinitarian theologies in relation to natural sciences; time and eternity in relation to physics; Christology and life in the universe; theological and scientific methodologies

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