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DSPT Owl of Minerva Student Philosophy Forum - September 2011The Owl of Minerva is a philosophy gathering of students, professors, and a community of thinkers that meets once a month to discuss philosophy and related issues. It is an informal way by which philosophers can present their original ideas for discussion in a non-threatening environment. In addition, the forum offers an opportunity for the audience to voice objections and counter arguments to the philosophical ideas presented to them. A speaker, chosen at the previous meeting, prepares a question or controversial topic to present to the group. The speaker has twenty minutes to put forward their ideas and arguments; the speaker is followed by an engaging question and answer period from the audience. This student philosophy forum is a great way to meet people, to hone critical thinking and speaking skills, and to learn in a casual setting. A reception follows the presentation. All are welcome and admission is free.

DSPT Owl of Minerva Student Philosophy Forum - October 2009We come together three or four times during the academic year to engage in genuine, spontaneous philosophy. To think, to listen, to argue on the spur of the moment, in an atmosphere of friendship and hospitality--that is our mission. If you want to experience philosophy as a pedantic exegesis of old texts, or as a springboard for egotistic reverie, we encourage you to look elsewhere.

The only qualification for being a speaker is that you have taken at least one philosophy class in your life. Each talk is limited to 20 minutes (with a 15 minute warning), and the only requirement regarding content is that you present YOUR OWN ARGUMENT to the group (not something you found in Plato or Heidegger or Aquinas--although you can certainly draw on such). A period of lively questioning and discussion always follows.

If you are interested in speaking at the Owl of Minerva, or are interested in being added to the Owl of Minerva e-mail list, please contact .

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