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  • Monks & Friars & Food...Oh My! Exhibition Notes

    Since its inception, the Christian Community has used food not only for physical sustenance but also for its rich symbolic power to communicate the deeper truths of eternal life in Christ Jesus. In particular, monastic (religious) life provides a means to bring together the secular and religious cultural experiences of food. The present exhibit, “Monks & Friars & Food . . . Oh my!” provides a visual exploration of this relationship between religious life and food. Both playful and serious in its approach, the exhibit presents sacred and secular pieces.

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  • Stained Glass Windows from Thomas Merton's Abbey of Gethsemani

    Exhibition notes for "Visual Meditations from Thomas Merton's Abbey of Gethsemani" including descriptions of the stained glass windows, c. 1898 - 1903, the history of the Abbey and the history of Mayer and Zettler Studios, Munich.

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