Mission and Tradition

Dominican Tradition

Taking thought, faith, and culture - past and present - seriously.

DSPT - Dominican Friar in CappaTheology and Philosophy. Since its founding in 1216 by St. Dominic de Guzman, study has been held central to the life and work of the Dominican Order. Our tradition asserts that it's not possible to study theology without philosophy. Philosophy not only forms a vital preparation for theology, but we take each subject seriously, for its own sake. This means that each discipline is always open to be influenced by the other.

Open to the Truth. Like St. Thomas Aquinas, we are called to be open to the truth where ever it is found. He sought to understand the truth in all its forms and taught the critical relationship between faith and reason. In both philosophical and theological inquiry we emphasize not only understanding, but applying the truth in practice.

Our common purpose is to advance theological and philosophical inquiry, for the sake of the dignity of the human person and the glory of God.