Areas of Concentration

Biblical Languages

DSPT - Biblical HebrewFor highly qualified future doctoral candidates or masters level students interested in a concentration in biblical languages and studies.

As a member of the GTU, DSPT can offer its students the choice of several areas of concentration designated by the GTU which draw upon the expertise of faculty from DSPT, GTU and UC Berkeley. The GTU Common M.A. in Biblical Languages is well suited for students seeking a terminal degree as well as those pursuing doctoral studies.

More information is available at the GTU website. external link


Students are expected to have semester-length introductory courses in both Old and New Testament studies prior to entry. In the absence of these courses, students may be admitted but required to extend their program by the addition of these two three-unit courses. Other units are filled with biblical studies courses and courses in other areas of theology. Students complete an oral examination and a major research essay in lieu of a thesis. Click here for DSPT MATH degree requirements.


Focuses on Hebrew or Greek as a primary language and the other as a secondary language. At DSPT, Barbara Green, OP can direct students who are interested in Hebrew as their primary language.

DSPT Faculty:

Barbara Green, OP - Hebrew

Selected GTU Faculty:

Eugene Eung-Chun Park external link (SFTS) - Greek
Jean-Francois Racine external link (JST) - Greek

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