Institute of Salesian Studies

Institute of Salesian Studies (ISS)

DSPT Affiliate - Institute of Salesian Studies

The Institute of Salesian Studies (ISS) external link is an unincorporated entity affiliated with the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology (DSPT). Located at 1831 Arch Street in Berkeley, the ISS offers a program of study and formative experiences in the tradition of the Salesian Family of St. John Bosco.

The specific purpose of the Institute is to make a comprehensive renewal experience available to members of the Salesian Family and to others whose background and interests move them into areas of Christian education or youth ministry. Critical study is integrated with experiences aimed at deepening spirituality and fostering personal growth in the context of Salesian community life and ministry. The process encourages the participants to deepen their appreciation for the founding charism, spirit and story of the Salesian Family, and the distinctive qualities of Salesian spirituality and mission. The study component of the ISS revolves around a core curriculum in Salesian history, pastoral or functional theology, and spiritual theology.

Students enrolled in the ISS may participate in the program for personal enrichment or academic credit. For those who wish the latter, application must be made for a student (I-20) visa and for admission to DSPT. Upon successful admission, the student may pursue either a Certificate of Theological Studies or an advanced degree in theology. The Certificate of Theological Studies is awarded to ISS students who complete twelve (12) hours of graduate study at DSPT. Academic credit given for completed courses may be applied later to a degree program by determination of the Admissions Committee.

ISS-Affiliated Faculty:

Part of the Salesian Curriculum:

  • Salesian Identity & Charism (SP2130)
  • Don Bosco: Founder (HS2881)
  • Post-Modern Evangelization (STSP3081)
  • The Spirituality of Saint Francis de Sales (SP2505)
  • Don Bosco: Builder (HS2442)
  • Christology: Jesus as Companion (STSP2398)
  • Introduction to Pedagogy (ED0610)

Other Courses Taught by Salesian Faculty:

  • The Gospel of John (NT2260)
  • In Search of the Church (ST3035)
  • Church: Modern to Contemporary (HS2195)