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 “I consider DSPT to be one of the secret treasures of the Catholic Church in America. I am nourished by being part of the community here. I have taught and lectured at several universities, prestigious and better-known, but I’ve never encountered an atmosphere so infused with faith and knowledge. It is my privilege to learn more and further deepen my faith every time I journey here. I hope that this secret treasure will become increasingly disclosed.” - Ron Austin, Hollywood screenwriter and DSPT Fellow

“I receive instruction in the Dominican tradition, which focuses on prayerful devotion to the study of sacred Truth, especially on the teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas. Not only are the Dominican friars brilliant scholars and professors, but they ensure that students have frequent opportunities to adore the Eucharist, confess, enjoy quiet contemplation and attend liturgies in both the Roman and the Dominican Rite in the campus chapel. DSPT maintains a truly Catholic identity.” - Catherine Liberatore

“It might come as a surprise that studying philosophy in a Catholic school liberates reason. My students appreciate that they can reflect on realities that are suppressed in secular contexts. Thinking about God, for example, is a genuine philosophical concern; in the thought of Aristotle and Plato this topic predates Christianity. The space to think in is wider than it would be on most campuses. We have faith so as to make room for philosophy. This wider space includes not only room for thinking about ultimate realities, but also for reflecting on art, literature and music.”  - Fr. Anselm Ramelow, OP, Assistant Professor of Philosophy

We offer a faithful, orthodox education to our students without stifling academic curiosity. The traditional Dominican pedagogical method of seeking "first principles" allows students and faculty to engage a variety of ideas and traditions, while remaining faithful to the tradition of the Catholic Church.

After the most recent Apostolic Visitation, the report issued by the Sacred Congregation for Catholic Education said:

The syllabi of the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology refer to Church documents and classical theologians plentifully, thus reflecting a serious intention to think with the Church. There is no doubt that the students are taught to love and to be faithful to the Tradition and Magisterium of the Church.

A serene sense of confidence in the value and usefulness of the Magisterium's teaching and its central importance for those who are learning theology prevails. St. Thomas is given pride of place in many of the philosophy and theology courses, though at the same time the best of contemporary sources is also in evidence.

The students seem to know the issues involved in the contemporary crisis of subjectivism and moral relativism, and are adequately trained to provide a response based on reason and affirming the existence of moral and philosophical truth.

The seminarians most certainly show apostolic zeal. They also have an authentic 'Catholic spirit' with a genuine love for and dedication to the universal Church.

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