Great Reasons to Attend

Vocational DevelopmentDSPT - Contaact Admissions

DSPT - Michelle Johnson Teaching “My time here has aided my discernment of personal vocation and quest for holiness, which I trust will be reflected in my work. God is calling me to the vocation of teaching and I will be bringing conscience formation and authentically Catholic moral decision-making to high school classrooms.” -Michele Johnson

“What most excites me about the life of study at DSPT is helping students find a way toward a deeper grasp of the truth, and so helping them see more deeply the One who has first seen us.” -Fr. Bryan Kromholtz, OP

“Through my studies, my goals are becoming articulated and integrated into who I am and the path that God is leading me along. This program has given me what I was looking for – an authenticity that runs through all aspects of my life.” -Mark Kerrins

Vocational development can and does happen at DSPT because:

  • Our low student-to-faculty ratio (approx.4-1) allows for personal attention in and out of the classroom. Our professors guide students toward the work that was intended for them.

  • "The Called & Gifted by the Catherine of Siena Institute external link, is a leadership workshop that help students identify their natural talents and discern how they can be applied to philosophical and theological inquiry.

  • The Tri-School Career Development Director provides guidance in networking, resume writing, interviewing, job postings and more.

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