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DSPT - Philosophy and Theology

“I can study ancient, medieval, and modern philosophy as well as the Church Fathers, St. Thomas, and modern theological questions. I also have the opportunity to take classes at UC Berkeley from some of the best-known philosophy professors – the very people who are advancing movements in contemporary analytic philosophy. I have full access to the Graduate Theological Union Library, the largest theological library in the West, as well as libraries at UC Berkeley and Santa Clara University.” - Christopher Ragusa

“DSPT is especially noted for its arts-friendly faculty. Courses in art history, philosophical and theological aesthetics, film, food and faith, music, liturgics and literature exemplify the faculty’s wide range of interests and reflect what the Dominican Order has taught and preached for nearly 800 years: knowledge is gained through the five senses. We host regular exhibitions in our Blackfriars Gallery and are the only school with its own dedicated arts library in the nearby Santa Fe Institute, home to a vast collection of religious art and over 12,000 volumes.” - Fr. Michael Morris, OP, Professor of Religion and the Arts

“I was able to take advantage of the connection between the GTU and UC Berkeley in many ways. I took several classes in the History and Religious Studies departments at UCB, which helped give me the perspective of another discipline (and, ultimately, to figure out the methodology for my MA thesis). I fell in love with the UCB library and the GTU library is one of the best theological libraries I’ve used.” - Elissa Cutter

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