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"DSPT exists to bring the Catholic intellectual tradition; specifically the Thomistic tradition – into dialogue with the contemporary world. Its mission is to form men and women so that they not only understand the Church's teaching as transmitted by Sacred Tradition and articulated by the Magisterium, but can effectively summon this understanding to the evangelistic mission of the Church in the world." - Br. Peter Junipero Hannah, OP

"DSPT is providing something unique and greatly needed to bring the Word of God to today's culture; an integral approach to theology and philosophy. We bring historically aware readings of St. Thomas and of the classic Catholic tradition to the questions and challenges of today. - Fr. Bryan Kromholtz, OP, Assistant Professor of Theology

"An institution calling itself the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology would be extraordinary by simply living up to its name, but DSPT does much more than that. It is an intellectual and spiritual community where ongoing conversations of great cultural, religious, and historical meaning take place. It is an oasis of robust engagement with the most pressing matters of our time, and – Dominican as it is – matters of timeless importance." - Gil Bailie, DSPT Fellow

From its earliest years in the 13th century, the Dominican Order established its communities near major universities so that the friars could actively engage in the intellectual and cultural discussions of the age. In keeping with this model, our School was established near UC Berkeley. Bringing the traditions of philosophy and theology to bear on contemporary society is central to our mission. Here are a few ways in which we do this:
  • Aquinas Lecture - every year our faculty nominate a scholar to present a paper in which the thought and method of Aquinas are applied to a contemporary issue
  • College of Fellows - a group of distinguished, lay Catholic professionals that present colloquia and network opportunities to students based on their experience in fields such as politics, law, bio-medical research, technology and more.
  • Student Events - Owl of Minerva philosophy forum, the Dumb Ox theology forum, and Philosophy Movie Nights

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