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“DSPT is about building a community of scholars that both wants and is able to address the needs of the wider environment in society and in the Church. There is a vibrant exchange taking place here. I bring my international experience into the classroom and at the same time am greatly enriched by the experiences that students share with me as we deepen our study of philosophy and theology. I witness a remarkable generosity on the part of students, staff and professors.” - Fr. Joseph Boenzi, SDB, Professor of Theology

“While I have come to learn quite a lot about scholasticism [at DSPT], it is the dialogue that I have had with Catholics and the wider and much more diverse GTU community, that has made this such an incredible journey in my spiritual education.” - Benjamin Griffin 

Our students enjoy a unique opportunity to study alongside the Dominican Brothers from the Western Dominican Province. Within DSPT and across the GTU there are Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, Unitarian, Buddhist, and non-religious students and faculty. When you bring together men and women of varying backgrounds, as in our classrooms, a deeper and richer understanding can be gained based on the input that comes from each person. This depth is what prepares our students to relate philosophy and theology to the world.

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