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Join us on May 9th to support Dominican education at the Alemany Awards Benefit Gala

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Our programs integrate philosophy and theology to apply the wisdom of these traditions today.

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We study the questions that matter in the tradition of Saint Thomas Aquinas.

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Pursuing the truth as a community and dialoguing with the culture are essential elements of our education.

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EVENT:Bohemian Secularity - Tomáš Petráček

Prof. Tomáš Petráček, priest of the diocese of Hradec Králové, faculty member of the University of Hradec Králové, Czech Republic and Visiting Fellow at Yale will talk about how Czech society and state went from “Catholic” to “world’s most atheist".

VIDEO: Thomas Aquinas in Art & Legend

Watch the video of the 25th Annual Aquinas Lecture delivered by DSPT Professor of Religion and the Arts Michael Morris, OP who spoke on Saint Thomas Aquinas in Art and Legend: An Iconographic Study of the Angelic Doctor.

Spring 2015 Courses

Take a look at what we are offering this spring: Philosophical Anthropology; Western Social Thought; Twentieth Century Thomism; Hellenistic & Roman Philosophy; Natural Law; Contemporary Cinema: Theological Reflection; Medieval Mystics Seminar - and more.

Videos: Poverty from Different Perspectives

What Does it Mean to be a Poor Church for the Poor? Watch the videos from the 2015 Convocation of the College of Fellows: presentations on poverty from different perspectives - ecclesial, theological, historical, business, law, economics, the arts & more.

The 2015 Alemany Awards Benefit Gala

Please join us in honoring Bill Campbell, KM and John P. Christian, KM, two Catholics who, like us, are deeply committed to the evangelization of our culture.

Newest Doctor of the Church - St. Gregory of Narek

Only 36 people have been given this title which indicates the outstanding character of their writing, teaching and preaching for the Church in all ages. This Doctor of the Church is an Armenian, St. Gregory of Narek: a poet, a mystic and a theologian.

Before-and-After Film Series

Screenings of of six films that transformed the art of filmmaking and pushed its spiritual frontier, with an introduction & a discussion led by DSPT Fellow Ron Austin, a Hollywood producer & writer, member of Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.

Video & Papers from God, Reason and Reality Symposium

A symposium on "God, Reason and Reality", a collection of articles edited by Anselm Ramelow, OP, with Ed Feser as a guest speaker and Michael Dodds, OP, one of the contributors, discussing questions of the existence and nature of God.

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Meet our professors and learn about our classes, concentrations and programs to see what makes us unique. Do you have questions? Would you like to sit in on a class? Contact us to get more information or plan a visit.

Faculty spotlight

Eugene Ludwig, OFM Cap

I hope to instill in my students an appreciation of the shared existential concerns of Hellenistic Christians, Jews and Pagans. I encourage my students to put their energy into reading primary texts & to learn the important skill of transcultural interpretation. I will say what every teacher says: I learn from my students. That is why teaching is a joy for me.

Edward Krasevac, OP

I have long had a penchant for the really core questions of human and Christian life, such as those concerned with basic moral principles (freedom, responsibility, intentionality, and the relation between who we are and what we do), as well as the fundamental principles of Christology: just who really is Jesus Christ in relation to God and to us.

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2 Degrees with 1 Thesis

At DSPT, you can earn two Masters degrees (MA Philosophy/MA Theology) with the completion of a single thesis. Several concentrations are available, including Thomistic Studies and Religion & the Arts.

Sacred Arts

Our concentration in Sacred Arts brings together art, liturgy, and “sacred performance” - namely, sacred music and liturgical preaching - to comprise DSPT’s response to the growing momentum of the fine arts in the new evangelization.

Twentieth-Century Thomism Class

This class is designed to present a survey of some of the twentieth-century Thomists, and examine the development of the thought of St. Thomas in dialogue with the challenges of modernity and the problems of contemporary society.

Contemporary Cinema: Theological Reflection Class

Students develop an understanding of religious art as the key to a deeper understanding of theology. Students are offered a multidimensional approach to understanding religious themes in all expressions of art.

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