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Sponsoring Organizations and Collaborators

Berkeley Hillel

Berkeley Hillel is the Jewish student center for the UC Berkeley campus. Hillel students and staff work together to create diverse programming that appeals to many types of students at Cal. By developing a program calendar that incorporates a wide range of interests, we strive to create a variety of doorways through which students can join our community, no matter what their background. Dorothy Richman is the Rabbi in residence.

Center for Islamic Studies, Graduate Theological Union

Founded in 2007, the center's purpose is to build an academic base to help scholars and students of many faiths understand Islam as a living world religion. The center emphasizes interaction among contemporary Jewish, Christian, and Muslim communities. Dr. Munir Jiwa is the director of the center.

Center for Jewish Studies, Graduate Theological Union

The Richard S. Dinner Center for Jewish Studies (CJS) offers courses in Jewish Studies for students at the CJS, throughout the GTU, and at the University of California at Berkeley. Community auditors are generally welcome as well, with a minor tuition fee. The CJS faculty is committed to providing rigorous text-study of primary sources with sophisticated interdisciplinary approaches in a non-sexist, non-homophobic, non-ethnocentric learning environment. Among our strengths are the study of Jewish-Christian relations from late antiquity to modern times, the classical Jewish library, Jewish secular culture, and Jewish studies. The Center also hosts conferences and lectures, celebrations of Jewish holidays, and other programs open to the public. Dr. Naomi Seidman is the director of the center.

Congregation Beth El

Congregation Beth El is a vibrant and growing Reform Jewish congregation dedicated to Jewish learning, worship and acts of loving kindness. The synagogue was organized in 1944 by 35 families as a liberal congregation guided by a reverence for tradition. Beth El is a member of the Union of Reform Judaism Congregations and has a current membership of approximately 500 households. Congregation Beth El welcomes individuals and families of all backgrounds who seek to explore the Jewish way of life, spiritual growth and learning. Dr. Yoel Kahn is the Rabbi for the congregation.

Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Cross

The Sisters of the Holy Cross are a Roman Catholic congregation of women religious, part of the international Holy Cross family of sisters, brothers and priests. Sisters of the Holy Cross live out Jesus' gospel and mission by ministering in many different ways to people around the world.

Addressing unmet needs in a variety of cultures and settings, we minister in large hospitals and small outreach clinics; in elementary and secondary schools and universities; in churches and parishes; in the streets of the inner city and remote rural areas of eight countries on four continents.

Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology

The Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology (DSPT), a member of the Graduate Theological Union, is a community of scholars committed to the pursuit of truth as revealed in the Gospel and discovered by human reason. Inspired by the Dominican practice of disciplined inquiry and learned preaching, the School draws its students into the rich tradition of classical philosophy and Catholic theology, especially as exemplified by St. Thomas Aquinas, and from this tradition engages contemporary scholarship and culture in mutual enrichment.

As a Center of Studies of the Order of Preachers and an apostolate of the Western Dominican Province, the School is committed to preparing women and men for academic and apostolic vocations.

In implementing its mission, the school seeks to articulate an understanding of the collaborative nature of lay, religious, and ordained vocations in the Church, and to foster that collaboration in its governance, administration, and academic programs.

Ella Baker Center for Human Rights

The Ella Baker Center for Human Rights is a strategy and action center working for justice, opportunity and peace in urban America. Based in Oakland, California, they promote positive alternatives to violence and incarceration through our four cutting-edge campaigns that mix various tactics to accomplish its mission, from grassroots organizing, direct action and media advocacy to public education, policy reform and legal service. This has earned them the reputation for tenacity and innovation.

FAITHS Program

The FAITHS Program aims to enhance the work of faith-based organizations that deliver services or advocate for their communities. FAITHS achieves this by connecting faith-based organizations with support from nonprofits and foundations. FAITHS also provides technical and financial assistance to faith-based organizations and holds educational briefings and trainings for faith community leadership. FAITHS serves as a bridge between the philanthropic community and the faith-based community.

FAITHS was founded in 1993 on the premise that congregations and other faith-based organizations are among philanthropy's strongest partners in the effort to build strong, healthy, and equitable communities.

Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County

The Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County (I4C) is an autonomous local organization solely governed by its own Executive Committee, elected by the membership at the Council's annual meeting. The Executive Committee meets monthly. Much of the Council's work is carried on by committees, appointed as needed to care for special ized tasks. The Interfaith Council, as the Council of Churches, was originally organized for the primary purpose of providing chaplaincy ministries in various county institutions on behalf of local congregations. The Council became interfaith in 1997, widening its membership to include congregations and faith organizations which represent the growing pluralistic population of Contra Costa County. We remain committed to supporting the religious and communities in our county.

Program areas have expanded to include Health and Faith in Action, Social Justice, Finance, Spirituality, Youth and Education. There are more than 100 congregations and organizations holding membership and affiliation from a wide range of Christian and other faith traditions, including Jewish, Buddhist, Baha'i, Unitarian, Islamic, Sikh, Unity and Religious Science.

Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California

Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California (ICCNC) is an independent non-profit religious organization that serves the needs of the San Francisco Bay Area Community. Located in Oakland, California, ICCNC is in close proximity to both Berkeley and San Francisco.

ICCNC is a place where various ideas and thoughts about religion and culture are discussed and debated. It is a focal point and place where the Community can turn to at times of need and crisis. ICCNC provides various religious, educational, and cultural programs to enrich and strengthen the Community. ICCNC has also worked hard to develop a strong interfaith program. Through its interfaith efforts, the Center has built strong bridges of shared beliefs and understanding with the larger American Community. All of these efforts and good work of ICCNC have been a direct result of the hard work of our volunteers and the generosity of our supporters. Through the efforts of our supporters, ICCNC has been able to remain an independent and strong organization, which all Muslims can be proud of. ICCNC is recognized as a reputable and stable organization, locally and nationally.

Islamic Education and Information Center

The Center is registered with the State of California as a non-profit organization and has been serving the Muslim community of the Bay Area and beyond since 1987. The organization's main goal is to provide a balanced traditional yet progressive Islamic education to both Muslims and non-Muslims. We follow the tradition of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in promoting the establishment of a pluralistic society, as he established in Madina. The Prophet (peace be upon him) taught that religious fanatacism was the reason for the downfall of previous civilizations. He taught the importance of our basic freedoms, in particular the freedom of choice, especially in terms of religion. He also taught us to see the beauty in diversity. These themes will be the educational focus of our center. Needless to say, we condemn all forms of terrorism, suicide bombing, innocent killing, violent demonstrations, hate crimes, hate speech, racism, and discrimination. Dr. Khalid Siddiq is the Executive Director of the center. For more information contact .

Islamic Networks Group

The Islamic Networks Group is a non-profit, educational organization founded in 1993 that promotes religious literacy and mutual respect through on-site presentations and interfaith dialogues to schools, community agencies, and other institutions. With our affiliates, ING's outreach spans the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Dr. Maha ElGenaidi is the President and CEO of the organization.

Masjidul Waritheen, Oakland, CA

The Masjidul Waritheen Ummah led by Imam Faheem Shuaibe is associated with the Leadership and Ministry of Imam Warith Deen Mohammed. The Mission of Masjidul Waritheen is to promote peace, stability, equality, liberty and dignity within the Ummah and within society at large; to implement the law of Al-Islam in all the affairs of the Ummah; to produce and maintain an environment which promotes the development of Islamic character in every individual, and which promotes in every individual the will to obey Allah in accordance with Islamic beliefs; to remove all obstacles to its mission; and to carry the call of Al-Islam to the whole world.

Pacific School of Religion, Graduate Theological Union

Pacific School of Religion is committed to serving God by equipping historic and emerging faith communities for ministries of compassion and justice in a changing world. We affirm our historic mission to educate men and women for ministry and other forms of religious leadership and to be a center and resource for Christian thought in an interfaith and pluralistic context. We affirm our ecumenical and Christian heritage and commitment as an open and affirming community that honors diversity and presses toward racial, gender, sexual orientation, and economic justice.

PSR's commitments find expression in innovative programs of scholarship and education for clergy and laity. Strong faith communities require an integration of faith and reason, theory and practice, piety and critical intellect, tradition and creativity. We seek to embody these values and disciplines in our programs and our common life.

PSR's location in a dynamic metropolitan area in the western United States, on the edge of the Pacific Basin, and adjacent to the University of California, Berkeley is a special resource and responsibility. As a member of the Graduate Theological Union and in partnership with our supporting denominations and local faith communities, we place high value on the search for truth, clarity of theological insight, artistry in the presentation of the Gospel and creation of community, strong reliance on faith in divine activity within and among us, and honesty, mutual respect, and integrity in our pastoral, educational, and administrative work.

Progressive Jewish Alliance

The Progressive Jewish Alliance (PJA) was founded in 1999 by Jewish Angelenos seeking to assert an authentic progressive Jewish presence in the campaigns for social justice in Southern California, home to the nation's second largest city and second largest Jewish community. PJA educates, advocates and organizes on issues of peace, equality, diversity and justice, as a progressive voice in the Jewish community and a Jewish voice in the progressive community. Over the past six years, PJA has created a new model of Jewish community organizing, and has reinvigorated the progressive Jewish landscape in Los Angeles. In February 2005, PJA opened a San Francisco Bay Area chapter - our first expansion.

PJA is a new kind of Jewish organization, one that serves as a vehicle connecting Jews to the critical social justice issues of the day, to the life of the cities in which they live, and to the Jewish tradition of working for tikkun olam. We believe that to kvetch is human, to act... divine. We fight for economic justice by educating Jews about our obligation to stand with the working poor, and then we organize the Jewish community to join in campaigns to improve working conditions and secure a living wage for low-wage workers. We work to reform the criminal justice system and to promote a more just and humane system of restorative, rather than retributive, justice through a ground-breaking program that trains volunteers to mediate between non-violent juvenile offenders and their victims throughout Los Angeles. We work to promote understanding and tolerance by facilitating several tracks of Muslim-Jewish dialogue, the only formal open lines of communication between LA's enormous Jewish and Muslim communities. We work to ensure Jewish continuity through our two-year Jeremiah Fellowship, an innovative project that trains twenty-somethings to be the next generation of Jewish social justice leaders. And we build a vibrant, creative and engaged community through education programs and quarterly holiday events that explore the intersection of art, culture and politics.

Through organizing around the values of tikkun olam, through encounter with Jewish sources and learning, and through strategic social justice work, we work to create a Jewishly-literate membership that examines core Jewish values in a new way, and to "bring back" to Jewish communal life many individuals who would be otherwise disconnected. Under the rubric "tikkun ha ir, tikkun olam" (repair of the city, repair of the world), we also participate in the broader community coalitions working to build a better California (and America) for all of its inhabitants. Dr. Rachel Biale is the Regional Director.

The Compassionate Listening Project

The Compassionate Listening Project teaches powerful skills for peacemaking in our families, communities, on the job, and in social change work locally and globally. Our curriculum for Compassionate Listening grew out of our many years of reconciliation work on the ground in Israel and Palestine. We adapted our trainings and began to teach in the U.S. in 1999.

The Compassionate Listening Project is respected as one of the oldest established NGOs working in Israel and Palestine in the field of Track II (Citizen) Diplomacy. Our delegations have resulted in an extensive network of informed leaders across North America who stand for both peoples as a result of their transformative experiences in the field. Our impressive alumni play a positive role in peace-making efforts: educating in their home communities and inviting others to support reconciliation leaders in Israel and Palestine. Many of our alumni have created successful Mideast peace programs that promote cross-cultural and interfaith understanding, as well as human rights and humanitarian work. Their leadership and efforts are especially important as the conflict in the Middle East continues to create harsh divisions among religious and political groups, on college campuses and within the peace movement.

The Compassionate Listening Project offers trainings and workshops worldwide for everyday peace-building, as well as an Advanced Training and Facilitator Certification program.

Survivors International

Survivors International is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing essential psychological and medical services to survivors of torture who have fled from around the world to the San Francisco Bay Area. SI aims to help survivors put the pieces back together by providing the support they need to re-establish healthy and productive lives after their experiences of torture.

United Nations Association-USA-East Bay

UNA-USA is dedicated to educating, inspiring and mobilizing Americans to support the principles and vital work of the United Nations, strengthening the United Nations system, promoting constructive United States leadership in that system, and achieving the goals of the UN Charter.

Y & H Soda Foundation

The Y & H Soda Foundation seeks to enhance the quality of life for the economically disadvantaged, disabled, elderly and youth; to promote their health and welfare; to provide opportunities for education and to support those organizations whose religious philosophy strengthens the spiritual and temporal well being of those they serve.