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How to Set Up Your Email Account and Forward Emails pdf.

Each of you has been assigned an email account with the domain. Tech support emailed you with your username and password. It is very important that you check this email account regularly because it is the address the staff, faculty and other students will use to send you updates on upcoming events, deadlines, and other important information. The above pdf is a brief tutorial on how to forward your emails to your personal email account so you only have to look for your emails in one place.

Description is a set of applications offered to students by the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology (DSPT) in conjunction with Google. Google has changed their formatting to iGoogle. When you log in to you can select what applications are visible on your homepage by clicking on "Add Stuff" on the upper right side of the screen. For example, when you click, "Add Stuff" type "mail" into the search bar and hit enter. An icon and blurb for Gmail will appear at the top of the next screen. Click the button "Add it Now" and your student email inbox will now appear on your iGoogle homepage.

DSPT communicates with students via the e-mail account assigned to him or her. Students are required to check and use their e-mail address, but mail can easily be forwarded to another address if preferred. is not just email! Students get a number of other useful applications that will help you stay organized:

  • Google Calendar - keep a calendar online, add DSPT calendar to your own
  • Google Docs - work with groups on the same document
  • Google Sites - build group websites

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