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Michael Chinnavaso, Director of Advancement & Donor Relations

DSPT - Michael Chinavasso

Notes from Michael in Our Daily Bread

Michael has over ten years of experience in non-profit development, working for local organizations such as the San Francisco Symphony, U.C. San Francisco, and the Asian Art Museum. 

This is Michael"s first opportunity to work directly with a Roman Catholic organization and he had a few comments about his experiences since he started working at the school at the end of the summer:

“My colleagues at DSPT are friendly and dedicated people who have been very kind and supportive in helping me to navigate my way around the school, especially in how we conduct our day-to-day administrative business. Coming from the secular non-profit world, I have been pleasantly surprised to find that we pray at the beginning of every meeting, asking for guidance in our work and decisions. My interactions with religious and lay students have been very enlightening and enjoyable because the conversations often have an undercurrent of spirituality that adds another dimension to how I would normally engage people. From the start, I have sensed that the DSPT community is very serious about the task of teaching and learning theology and philosophy. I have already witnessed many occasions where students, staff, and faculty have shared moments of prayerful and collaborative discovery.

It is my goal to foster a culture of expansive and holistic philanthropic support from the School"s existing donors and the greater community as the School continues to grow in fulfilling its educational mission. There are so many wonderful reasons to support this School, not the least of which is the collegial environment that encourages an open dialogue about philosophy, morality, and church teaching while respecting traditions and maintaining a high standard of scholarly work.”

Michael hopes that DSPT"s benefactors will continue to support and be involved with the Dominican School, especially at a time when a growing number of enrolled students gives us an even greater opportunity to prepare religious and lay students to engage society and shape our culture.

In addition to his work at DSPT, Michael serves as a liturgical musician throughout the Diocese of Oakland and the Archdiocese of San Francisco. He is an avid photographer and world traveler, and enjoys taking excursions with his golden retriever/chow, Kayla.

Please feel free to contact him if you have any questions about DSPT"s fundraising activities or if you would like more information about making a gift to the School.

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