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Shaping Our Culture

How can we speak to the people of our own age? How can we bring peace to our culture?

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By integrating philosophy and theology. Preaching that engages minds today requires both a faithful, systematic study of the Christian revelation (theology), and a profound grasp of the relevant questions people face (philosophy). DSPT is the only accredited theology school in North America that fundamentally integrates philosophy and theology throughout its curriculum.

Through dialogue with the DSPT College of Fellows who live their faith in society.
Under the presidency of His Eminence, James Francis Cardinal Stafford, the College of Fellows is comprised of Catholic men and women, eminent in their own fields, who enter into conversation with our School about faith and culture to further equip our students to apply their studies and truly shape the culture we live in.

Through our Students and Alumni. Our graduate Dominicans serve the Church, not only in the parishes and Newman centers in the Western United States, but in ministries around the world: they teach in Fribourg, Rome and Jerusalem. Recently, Fr. Richard Schenk, OP, DSPT alumnus and professor, was elected President of the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt.

Our lay alumni serve in the academy as professors of philosophy and theology and in secular fields as varied as law, business administration, psychology, and architecture. What they all have in common is a love for learning and a desire to bring the Catholic tradition to the modern world.

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