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Without our benefactors we could do nothing. The investment they are making in the School is really an investment in the future of the Church and the presence of God in the world, because we are being trained to make Jesus Christ present in the world.  --Br. Peter Hannah, OP, DSPT student

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Our graduates move on to do the work that was intended for them.

"After two years of full-time parish ministry and one year of doctoral studies at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland, I have come to a deeper appreciation for my intellectual formation at DSPT. My intellectual formation left me with deep theological convictions, the instruments to articulate them, and a desire to learn from those who do not share them. For all of that, I am most grateful."
- Fr. Bernhard Blankenhorn, OP, MA (Philosophy), 2002, MDiv, 2006

"A Master’s degree in philosophy from DSPT allowed me to teach as a part-time lecturer at various colleges in the Bay Area. I found that I enjoyed engaging students in philosophical discussions and challenging them to think in new ways about ancient and contemporary philosophical literature. When I realized that I would be happy teaching philosophy for the rest of my life and couldn’t imagine doing anything else, I applied to PhD programs."
- Sophia Stone, MA (Philosophy), 2005

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Students, both lay and religious, are prepared to lead the Church.

DSPT is committed to its Institutional Goals and Outcomes of creating effective leaders for the future. Your gifts to DSPT allow us to continue to create effective leaders, lay and religious, including the future leaders of the Western Dominican Province.

"The greatest gift that DSPT has to offer its lay students, however, is the living witness of the Dominican priests and brothers. It has been an immense privilege to attend classes with those who are the very best and brightest of the clergy, alongside those young men who will go on to lead the flock and uphold the teachings of the Church in the 21st century."
- Erin Zion, MA (Theology), 2008

"As a fairly new parish priest, the best part for me about DSPT was that the philosophy and divinity programs both taught me how to look at and understand new ideas, be they traditional, radically new, or simply coming from a different world-view."
- Fr. Dismas Sayre, OP, BA (Philosophy), 2003, MDiv, 2008

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DSPT prepares students to talk to contemporary culture.

We continue to fulfill the mission of DSPT to - draw its students into the rich tradition of classical philosophy and Catholic theology, especially as exemplified by St. Thomas Aquinas, and from this tradition engage contemporary scholarship and culture in mutual enrichment- with the support of gifts from our benefactors.

"I credit the diversity of ideas and scholarship that is integral to education at DSPT for providing me with the courage and tools I’ve used in talking with others and helping them to broaden their understanding of God and life."
- Colleen Power, MA (Theology), 2007

"Philosophical questions admit of many answers, and though the Dominican School is well known for adhering to Thomism, the history of philosophy is in some ways an equal commitment. The mantra is often repeated: we must engage with the world, but to do this we must understand its philosophy."
- Sarah Ball, BA (Philosophy), 2009

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Scholarships help keep tuition low and student attendance high.

DSPT is committed to providing scholarships to students, based on both financial need and academic talent. Your gift makes it possible for us to offer this type of financial help to out students. Find out more about our endowed scholarship and grants from our generous benefactors.

"Without the scholarship support that DSPT provided me, I would not have been able to complete my Master of Arts, and I would not now have had the educational formation from DSPT that has allowed me to successfully begin my doctoral studies."
- Elissa McCormack, MA (Theology), 2009

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