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Overview: DSPT Regular Faculty

DSPT Professor Dr. Marga Vega tutors a DSPT studentOur faculty are engaged in a vital and on-going conversation about philosophical and theological thought as it relates to contemporary society.

Inside the classroom, they engage students and encourage them to ask thoughtful questions in search of what is true. They follow a Dominican pedagogical model -- the classroom is more than just a place to gain knowledge; it is an opportunity to acquire skills for real critical thinking.

Outside the classroom, they engage the wider community offering lectures, publishing well respected articles in their fields and influencing modern day thinking on issues such as Human Rights, Life Issues and the Social Teaching of the Catholic Church.

"Manifest in each professor here is a great love of the intellectual life and dedication to the pursuit of wisdom and knowledge, which inspires students to excel. Here I have found the ideal situation to study the great minds, unlock their intricate systems, and stand in awe of truth." - Scott Martin, Concurrent MA Philosophy/MA Theology

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