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David Clayton - Special Student, Summer Session (2010)

David ClaytonDSPT - Contaact Admissions

Summer Session student (2010)

DSPT Student - David ClaytonMr. David Clayton is a Lecturer in Liberal Arts and Artist in Residence at The Thomas More College of Liberal Arts in New Hampshire who traveled to the Bay Area to attend Fr. Michael Sweeney's Summer Session course, Re-Visioning Society.

"I found Fr. Michael's class inspiring. The subject was fascinating and the presentation was systematic, clear and entertaining. He was very happy to respond to questions and there was sufficient time to discuss matters that arose as we went along (and there were many) without it ever feeling as though we were straying from the main theme.

As well as articulating theory, Fr. Michael spelt out very practical approaches to applying what we were learning in our personal relationships so that society can be transformed from within. It gave me a sense of what I should aim for and a belief that I can play my part and make a contribution through the application of simple clear principles in my daily work and leisure activities."

On his blog David describes his experience further, “The course began by establishing from reason (as distinct from revelation) the nature of the human person as a relational being. We were simply asked to give a short summary of who we were for the other members of the class. At this point I must admit I was wondering if I’d done the right thing in signing up for the class. Was it was going to degenerate into a touchy feely therapy? I needn’t have worried however. After allowing each of us to speak, Fr. Sweeney then remarked on a common thread that ran through our descriptions of ourselves. Our own sense of ourselves was based upon relationships we have with others. (For example, ‘I work with this company’ ‘I do this job with these people’ ‘I am a father’) This is, we were told, what describes a person, as distinct from an individual. A human person is always in relation with others, starting from birth. No one, by choice, disengages from society altogether (not even a hermit) and is happy. From this starting point in common experience, he built up rationally, the case he was making, taking us with him…” For the complete entry, click visit David’s blog, xlink