Student Testimonials

Rev. Dominic DeLay, OP - BA Philosophy (1988), MDiv (1993), GTU Common MA (1993)

Rev. Dominic DeLay, OPDSPT - Contaact Admissions

BA Philosophy (1988), MDiv (1993), GTU Common MA (1993)
Founder of Mud Puddle Films in Los Angeles

DSPT Alumnus - Fr. Dominic DeLay, OPFr. Dominic earned his MFA in film production at Chapman University. His comedy short The Soda Jerks was nominated for all but one of Chapman's annual Cecil B. DeMille awards, including best film, best director, and best screenplay. The Sisters O'Malley was one of only a handful of projects chosen out of over one hundred for production sponsored by Chapman's School of Film and Television. Fr. Dominic produced, wrote, and directed Last Notes red green blue or black, a cycle of four feature-length films. His short films include Dogwoman and Magicman (based on the story of Jesus and the Canaanite woman), Women's Room, and the political thriller Inside Darkness. He is currently working on a new film called Zola Jumped In.

"I especially appreciated the good teaching at the DSPT, and I relished the offering of courses in film and literature in particular."