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Debra Nichols - Current MA Theology Student

Debra NicholsDSPT - Contaact Admissions

Current MA Theology Student
Founder and co-owner of Debra Nichols Design xlink in San Francisco

DSPT Student - Debra Nichols"After only four weeks of classes I was so elated and amazed by the environment and the knowledge offered at the DSPT that I wished I had known about it earlier. The student body is a fascinating mix of young friars, young lay students, and what I call the "50s and up set," people just like myself with careers, or retired and ready for a new challenge and a deeper understanding of their faith. The professors are passionate, inspirational, and deeply committed to reaching out to students. The level of knowledge and scholarship is very deep. It is the most stimulating community, and I joke about learning things while just walking to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee! I am so enthusiastic about the gifts I am encountering at the DSPT that I feel compelled to spread the word. I am having a wonderful time!"