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Early Dominican Life as Seen in the "Vita" and Cult of Peter of Verona

October 20, 2011
St. Albert the Great Chapel StAlbertPriory, 6172 Chabot Road, Oakland
Free and Open to the Public


The thirteenth century saw a great change in the approach to saints’ lives: the transition from admiration and wonder to the call to imitation. In this lecture, Professor Prudlo will explore how that transition can be traced in the life of St. Peter Martyr, as it was received and internalized in the Friars Preachers in the years after his death.

Presenter: Donald Prudlo, PhD, Associate Professor of History at Jacksonville State University. He is the author of several works, including The Martyred Inquisitor: The Life and Cult of Peter of Verona; The Assassin Saint: The Life and Cult of Carino of Balsamo and more.