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Celebrate the 800th Jubilee of the Dominican Order!

Lecture by Augustine Thompson, OP

Our programs integrate philosophy and theology to apply the wisdom of these traditions today.

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Pursuing the truth as a community and dialoguing with the culture are essential elements of our education.

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What do our students value about our education?

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We study the questions that matter in the tradition of Saint Thomas Aquinas.

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Start your application today!

We are accepting applications for Spring and Fall 2016. Inquire about scholarships available during the 800th Jubilee!

800th Jubilee Kickoff Event

Celebrate the 800th Jubilee! Attend in person or gather your community to watch live - Fr. Augustine Thompson, OP will present new discoveries about third order Dominicans.

St. Dominic 800th Jubilee Scholarships

Contact admissions regarding 2 full scholarships to be offered for Fall of 2016

Chris Renz, OP received a John Templeton Foundation award through John Carrol University

As part of our new Sacred Arts Concentration, Chris Renz, OP will develop a course - "Liturgical Piety: Anthropological Foundations of Catholic Worship" for Spring 2017

Fall 2015 Courses

Take a look at the classes we are offering this fall: History of Christianity, Does God Exist?, Aristotelian Logic, Philosophy of Mind, Theology of Sacraments, Christian-Muslim Dialogue, Salesian Identity & Charism - and more.

VIDEO: Thomas Aquinas in Art & Legend

Watch the video of the 25th Annual Aquinas Lecture delivered by DSPT Professor of Religion and the Arts Michael Morris, OP who spoke on Saint Thomas Aquinas in Art and Legend: An Iconographic Study of the Angelic Doctor.

Video & Papers from God, Reason and Reality Symposium

A symposium on "God, Reason and Reality", a collection of articles edited by Anselm Ramelow, OP, with Ed Feser as a guest speaker and Michael Dodds, OP, one of the contributors, discussing questions of the existence and nature of God.

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Meet our professors and learn about our classes, concentrations and programs to see what makes us unique. Do you have questions? Would you like to sit in on a class? Contact us to get more information or plan a visit.

Faculty spotlight

Margarita Vega

I hope students at DSPT get both a global view to provide context for philosophical problems and a microscopic lens to dissect particular topics. By the end of their program, I expect students to be knowledgeable about how the philosophical tradition relates to contemporary research and to feel competent to continue the philosophical discussion with a personal contribution.

Augustine Thompson, OP

As a historian of Medieval Christianity, my great love has been the religious culture of medieval Italy. I spent two years in Bologna, Italy, doing the research for my first book - an experience which left me with an abiding love of Italians and all things Italian, especially the food, history and culture.

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Our Learning Environment

Our Faculty value the necessary and fruitful partnership between philosophy and theology, creating a communal learning environment suffuse with this interdisciplinary approach.

Moral Theology and Christian Ethics Concentration

This concentration emphasizes the Christian tradition of virtue ethics, as rooted in the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas. Faculty expertise also allows for comparative and interdisciplinary study, such as in Christian and Islamic ethics.

Twentieth-Century Thomism Class

This class is designed to present a survey of some of the twentieth-century Thomists, and examine the development of the thought of St. Thomas in dialogue with the challenges of modernity and the problems of contemporary society.

Contemporary Cinema: Theological Reflection Class

Students develop an understanding of religious art as the key to a deeper understanding of theology. Students are offered a multidimensional approach to understanding religious themes in all expressions of art.

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