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DSPT Alumnus Named Journalist of the Year in Arizona

DSPT alumnus John David Long Garcia DSPT Alumnus John David Long-García, editor of The Catholic Sun, was honored as Journalist of the Year DSPT alum in the annual Better Newspaper Contest sponsored by the Arizona Newspaper Association.

"I graduated from Arizona State University knowing one thing: I didn’t want to be a journalist. I couldn’t stand bothering people and I certainly didn’t want to do it for a living. I met the Order of Preachers through the campus Newman Center and joined the Dominican laity. I spent more time reading about St. Thomas Aquinas and the other Dominican saints, and less time on homework. So I decided to study the distraction, so to speak, and pursue graduate education in, well, God. 

I changed a lot after arriving at the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology. I learned of thinkers beyond (and before) analytic philosophers. I made friends that supported me throughout my studies. I attended beautiful liturgies at St. Albert’s Priory. I discovered more of who God is, and through that discovery, learned who I was. Seven rejection letters helped me discern that I wasn’t called to pursue doctoral studies, so I found myself back in journalism. As it turns out, that’s just where God wanted me. 

The Dominican motto “Veritas” applies to what I do, but perhaps “contemplare et contemplata aliis tradere" — “to contemplate and give to others the fruits of contemplation” — is more apt. I strive to contemplate the truth and share it with others as a Catholic journalist. I find that my education at the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology helps me participate in a journalism that goes beyond everydayness. I'm so grateful for it." 
John David Long-García

Congratulations to John David from all of us at DSPT!