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Sarah Lewis, DSPT Adjunct Professor (1947-2011)

If you would like to attend the memorial service for Sarah Lewis on December 4, 2011 please email with "Sarah's Memorial" in the subject line. You will receive an official evite with information about the service and RSVPs.

Reflection by Fr. Luke Buckles, OP

DSPT Adjunct Professor - Sarah Lewis

Sarah Lewis was born in Texas and attended the University of California, Berkeley where she majored in Italian literature. She would tell her story to her class and so I feel that it would be acceptable to repeat the first part.

In her last year at the University of California she fell in love with a fellow student, but the relationship ended. She was feeling like she needed a long retreat. Providentially she found herself at a Catholic Sisters' Retreat House near Sacramento. She was invited to stay for a year earning room and board in the tasks of hospitality offered by the Sisters and being able to attend many spiritual retreats and talks. Although a committed member of the Episcopal Church this was the time when she first encountered and grew in devotion to the saints and various spiritualties of our Catholic tradition.

In the late 80's she came to the Graduate Theological Union and wrote an MA thesis comparing Buddhist spirituality and discernment with the method of St. Ignatius of Loyola. Sarah's interests include ecumenical and inter-religious dialogue. She was also very dedicated to the Catholic understanding of the relationship between prayer, spirituality, and the study of theology.

DSPT Adjunct Professor - Sarah Lewis

Last summer I had the joy of teaching the Pray Like a Mystic class with Sarah for the final time. After returning to Rome I learned from her friends in Berkeley that she had taken a sudden turn in her health and was admitted to the hospital. Her friend Laura told me that in the weeks before she died she would add to her reflections about the Lord and faith and expressions of gratitude for the presence and prayers of friends her characteristic ability and appreciation to make puns and jokes. When she was told that she would be transferred from the hospital to a hospice program where she would have more independent living her response was, "and if I don't make it then I believe I will have truly independent living in the Lord" In the last hours of her life she was with friends and was praying right before she died the 23rd Psalm. May the Lord provide a place of rest and peace for a sheep who in her own words "as a sheep from the late 60's in Berkeley, could only be led by the Lord."

- Fr. Luke Buckles, OP, Rome, November 9, 2011.