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New Chancellor of DSPT - Interview with Very Rev. Fr. Mark Padrez, OP

In January, Fr. Mark Padrez, OP was elected by the delegates of the 24th Provincial Chapter to lead the Western Dominican Province as the Prior Provincial. In this role he also assumes the job of Chancellor of DSPT. Fr. Padrez was born in Nogales, Arizona where gew up and eventually attended the University of Arizona and was active in the Dominican run Newman Center. Fr. Padrez was open to God's invitation to enter the order in 1987. He is a graduate of  DSPT and was ordained in 1995. In a brief interview, Fr. Mark tells us about his new role as Chancellor and what it means for our School:

Q: What are the key responsibilities of the Chancellor of DSPT?

Fr. Padrez: The key responsibility I have as Chancellor is to secure the financial and educational future of DSPT. It is important that I collaborate with the Board of Members, Board of Trustees, and the faculty and staff of DSPT to ensure that we meet the challenges of providing a solid education and formation for the future leaders of the Church, and to guarantee that these future leaders "pursue the truth as revealed by the Gospel and discovered by human reason.”

Q: What do you see as your top priorities for the School at this time?

Fr. Padrez: First and foremost, I will work to secure the financial stability of the School. Secondly I will focus on increasing the enrollment of the student body both religious and lay, and thirdly to increase awareness and recognition of DSPT within the Church and the Academy.

Q: What are the challenges ahead?

Fr. Padrez:  One of the biggest challenges the School faces is the lack of awareness of DSPT among academic communities. DSPT is a small school but it provides much more than even large schools can. The curriculum is rich in the tradition of classical philosophy and Catholic theology, exemplified by Saint Thomas Aquinas and the School has, as its foundation, the history of the Dominican Order, yet still we are not so well known. We need to put ourselves on the academic map!

Q: What is promising for the future of the school?

Fr. Padrez: We offer a rich and unique curriculum that is based on the truths of the Church exemplified by Saint Thomas Aquinas and integrates philosophy and theology. We are confident that when we hand a diploma to our students they have received a solid education that will open many doors for them both in the Church and the Academy.