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Br. Kevin Andrew, OP - Current MDiv Student

Br. Kevin Andrew, OPDSPT - Contaact Admissions

Current MDiv Student

DSPT Student - Br. Kevin Andrew, OPI see DSPT as a vital part of my formation.  I entered the Order of Preachers a year ago with a background in computer science and math.  My theological understanding extended only to the RCIA program I went through myself in 2004-2005, and working with the LifeTeen group at my parish for a few years.  As such, I have a "high school" understanding of the faith. 

Over the next several years -- at least 5 of which will be at DSPT -- I will acquire and then hone the skills to better understand the faith, and then to share that faith with others.  As St. Thomas Aquinas says, "For even as it is better to enlighten than merely to shine, so is it better to give to others the fruits of one's contemplation than merely to contemplate."

Br. Kevin Andrew is from Holy Family Parish, Kirkland, Washington.