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Hannah Mecaskey - Concurrent DSPT MDiv / GTU Common MA (2013)

Hannah MecaskeyDSPT - Contaact Admissions

Current MDiv / GTU Common MA (2013)

DSPT Student - Hannah Mecaskey"My explorations of Catholicism intensified during my undergraduate studies at a Baptist Bible school, propelling me to consider my graduate studies at a Catholic institution. Hoping for a philosophical exploration of faith, I began searching for a small school fostering a dialogical academic tradition in an intellectual community. The DSPT was a lucky find, its numbers, mission statement, and the approachability of faculty and staff convinced me that these people were sincere in their academic questions and faith traditions. The degree of openness between classmates and professors has demonstrated to me a working model of academic and spiritual community that has inspired various approaches I plan to pursue with my own future students.

"Part of my academic journey my first year as an MA Theology Candidate was preparing myself to finally embrace the Catholic Church as my immediate family. My questions have changed since entering the Church in May 2009, but the Marian devotion and heartfelt adherence of the Dominican community to Church teaching have begun to inform not only my course of study, but my spiritual life as well. I feel very welcome in the Dominican community as a fellow sojourner in theological pursuits, and as a sister in the larger body of Christ."