Student Testimonials

Amy Rutschow - Special Student, Summer Session 2010

Amy RutschowDSPT - Contaact Admissions

Summer Session student, 2010

Fr. Sweeney's course on the Church's Social Teachings put into perspective not just how we should think about ordering the larger world in which we live, but our own lives as well. I went into the course a Catholic who has spent the past nine years working in government and politics, with related academic credentials, hoping to get a more complete perspective on our Church's Social Teachings and applications for my job. I did receive guidance on that account. But the highlight was also the personal experience of being around other Catholics who look at and think about the world very differently (due to our various backgrounds), and yet being exposed to a philosophy and theology around which we can and should unite. And the greatest realization was that I could begin applying what I learned right away - simply by doing my best to look at my neighbor more like Christ would look at him.

Unpacking the Church's Social Teaching was not easy, especially in light of the many problems, challenges, and disordered philosophies we encounter in our daily lives. It is certainly counter-cultural! But, it was comforting to know that much of it is not new, nor are the foundations of many of the problems we face. And that the Truth our Church has, and the guidance She offers to those in the public square, can and must be shared with Christians and non-Christians alike, as it, like all our Church's teachings, appeal to reason and must be shared and taught broadly.