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Carla Zilaff - MA Theology (2009)

Carla ZilaffDSPT - Contaact Admissions

MA Theology (2009)
Currently Alumnae Relations Coordinator at St. Francis High School in Sacramento

DSPT Alumna - Carla Zilaff"While living in Eugene, Oregon for five years, I had the pleasure of meeting many Dominican priests and brothers who had received their education from the DSPT. They were a constant example to the community at the Newman Center in Eugene of the quality education that one receives at the DSPT.

"When looking at various masters programs in theology, I chose the DSPT because of the solid theological and philosophical foundations that the school provides. In addition, I appreciated the small school atmosphere with the support of a larger institution (the GTU) next to a major university (UC Berkeley). Overall, it is a well-rounded education which equips students for various career and education goals after leaving the DSPT. I am constantly thankful for the education I received at DSPT."