Overview: Support Us

Happy Feast of St. Jude!

It is my goal to foster a culture of philanthropy, encouraging support from the School's existing donors and the greater community as DSPT continues to grow in fulfilling its educational mission. There are so many wonderful reasons to contribute to DSPT, not the least of which is the collegial environment that encourages an open dialogue about philosophy, morality, and Church teaching while respecting traditions and maintaining the School's high standard of scholarly work. Some of you may have noticed the omission of the School's annual fall fundraising event (last year's Saturday in Santo Tomas), which has traditionally included an auction. While fundraising events will continue to play a role in bringing our donors and community together to celebrate DSPT's achievements and foster fellowship, we will concentrate on more direct, individual fundraising efforts through mail, phone, and personal meetings with the School's benefactors and friends.

Looking ahead, we are will be sending a request for donations in mid-November coinciding with the Feast of St. Albert the Great, which will be mailed to individuals who haven't responded to the August solicitation piece. We hope that you and your friends will give generously to DSPT. Thank you in advance for your consideration of support! And please let us know if you have feedback with respect to our development and donor relations efforts. God bless you!