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"The Perennial Impact of St. Thomas Aquinas" - Fr. Michael Sweeney, OP, on Catholic Answers

"The Perennial Impact of Thomas Aquinas"

Fr. Michael Sweeney, OPApril 30, 2012

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Fr. Michael Sweeney, OP, was a guest on Catholic Answers Live on April 30, 2012. The show was dedicated to The Perennial Impact of Thomas Aquinas radio. You can listen to the recording of the show on the Catholic Answers website sweeney (click on the Listen or Download button underneath the title on the right).

Below you will find various Thomistic resources, including articles by Fr. Michael Sweeney, OP, papers by DSPT faculty, information about Thomistic Studies at DSPT, links to works of St. Thomas and papal documents encouraging the study of St. Thomas. 

St. Thomas Aquinas and DSPT:

A Philosophia Perennis? St. Thomas Aquinas and "Post-Modern" Sensitivities - Fr. Michael Sweeney, OP

Uncommon Sense: St. Thomas Aquinas and John Paul II on Law - Fr. Michael Sweeney, OP

"Virtuous human action-- an icon of God. Aquinas's vision of Christian morality." - talk given at DSPT by Papal Theologian, Fr. Wojciech Giertych, OP

Thomas Aquinas and Contemporary Science pdf - Fr. Michael Dodds, OP

On the Last Day - The Time of the Resurrection of the Dead according to Thomas Aquinas - Fr. Bryan Kromholtz, OP

Vita D. Thomae Aquinatis - 17-th century manuscript of the life of St. Thomas Aquinas from the Santa Fe Institute Library

"The Triumph of St. Thomas Aquinas" by Benozzo Gozzoli - Fr. Michael Morris, OP

"Exemplified by St. Thomas Aquinas": But How? - Fr. Richard Schenk, OP

Thomistic Studies at DSPT

DSPT Thomistic Studies Concentration - our concurrent degree in philosophy and theology with a concentration in Thomistic Studies is more than just the study of the texts of St. Thomas - it is an opportunity to apply the method of St. Thomas in approaching contemporary questions.

Annual DSPT Aquinas Lecture - every year the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology hosts The Aquinas Lecture: our faculty nominate a scholar to present a paper in which the thought and method of Aquinas are applied to a contemporary issue.

Thomas Aquinas on Truth aquinas - class with Fr. Hilary Martin, OP

Thomistic resources:

Works of St. Thomas Aquinas in English astore

Suggested bibliography for reading in the tradition of St. Thomas

Books on St. Thomas Aquinas and his writings astore

Papal documents encouraging the study of St. Thomas Aquinas:

Aeterni Patris studiorum, Encyclical of Pope Leo XIII on the Restoration of Christian Philosophy, August 4, 1879

Doctoris Angelici studiorum, Motu Proprio for Italy and the adjacent islands, to encourage the study of the philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas in Catholic Schools, Pope Pius X, June 29, 1914

Studiorum Ducem - On St. Thomas Aquinas studiorum, encyclical of Pope Pius XI, June 29, 1923

Fides et Ratio studiorum, encyclical of Pope John Paul II on the relationship between faith and reason, September 14, 1998

Saint Thomas was impartial in his love of truth. He sought truth wherever it might be found and gave consummate demonstration of its universality. In him, the Church's Magisterium has seen and recognized the passion for truth; and, precisely because it stays consistently within the horizon of universal, objective and transcendent truth, his thought scales “heights unthinkable to human intelligence”. Rightly, then, he may be called an “apostle of the truth”. Looking unreservedly to truth, the realism of Thomas could recognize the objectivity of truth and produce not merely a philosophy of “what seems to be” but a philosophy of “what is”.
- John Paul II, Fides et Ratio studiorum