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Dr. Marga Vega, PhD

DSPT Professor - Dr. Marga Vega, PhD

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Office Location: East 206
Phone: 510-883-2077
Office Hours: TBA


BA in Philosophy, University of Navarra (Spain); PhD, University of Valladolid (Spain).


During her doctoral work in Spain, Prof. Vega collaborated with the Music Department of the University of Valladolid in the creation of the research group SITEM (Interdisciplinary Seminar for Music and Philosophy) that has organized four conferences and published four volumes in the series "Music and Philosophy". She also visited the CLSI of Stanford University in 1999 and UC Berkeley, first as a Postdoctoral Fellow (2001-2003) and then as a Lecturer teaching Philosophy of Mind and The Nature of the Mind (2003-2005). During that time she also assisted Prof. Alan Code teaching Ancient Philosophy and Prof. Paul Skokowski for the Philosophy of Science, and worked with Prof. John Searle in the Philosophy of Language, the Philosophy of Mind and Social Philosophy. She was Assistant Professor at the University of Valladolid where she taught Theory of Knowledge and Music and Cognition until she joined DSPT.

She is currently part of the Social Ontology group at UC Berkeley.

Courses Taught:

Research Interests:

Prof. Vega's main interests are in cognition and the intersection of cognition with other fields like language (metaphor), aesthetics and metaphysics. Other philosophical interests include Aristotle and philosophical anthropology. She has studied the Contemporary Theory of Metaphor and explored its connection with the first theory of metaphor, Aristotle's. She also has proposed a theory of art based on J. Searle's Social Philosophy. Her philosophical style tries to bridge the Analytic and Continental traditions, and, diachronically, the history of Philosophy, especially Ancient, with Contemporary problems.

Selected Publications:

  • "The Autonomy of Art and Postmodernity" ["Autonomía del arte y Postmodernidad"]. In Arte, música y sacralidad. Edited by Susana Moreno Fernández. Glares-Sitem, Valladolid, 2007, 149-167.
  • Aristotle and Metaphor. Universidad de Valladolid, 2004.
  • "Speech Acts and Universal Pragmatics in J. Habermas" ["Actos de habla y pragmática universal en J. Habermas"]. Espéculo 24 (2003): 1-8.
  • "Time and Creativity in 20th Century Classical Music: A Retrospective View from Philosophy" ["Temporalidad y creatividad en la música contemporánea: una visión retrospectiva desde la Filosofía"]. In El tiempo en las músicas del siglo XX. Glares-Sitem, Valladolid, 2001, 33-46.
  • "Rationality of Metaphor and Musical Meaning" ["La racionalidad de las metáforas y el significado musical"]. In Música, lenguaje y significado. Glares-Sitem, Valladolid, 2001, 115-126.
  • "Time and Discourse within Postmodern Philosophy" ["Tiempo y narración en el marco del pensamiento postmetafísico"]. Espéculo 18 (2001): 1-19. Reprinted in: Ensayo y Error. Revista de Educación y Ciencias Sociales XI, no. 23 (2002): 69-90.