Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology

Areas of Concentration

Would you like to benefit from the collaborative expertise of the DSPT faculty and the wider academic community? DSPT students in the MA Theology or Concurrent MA Option, as well as GTU MA students whose home school is DSPT, focus their personal research interests by selecting an area of concentration. Each concentration gathers faculty from both DSPT and GTU so as to provide a focused approach to coursework and research that represent current sub-disciplines within theological inquiry. If you are interested in Religion and Psychology, Buddhist, Islamic, Jewish and Orthodox Christian Studies you may want to look at the GTU Areas of Study and pursue the GTU Common MA of Theology


Recognizing the power of beauty & the human impulse to create, this concentration enables one to consider the relationships among beauty, art, religion, philosophy, theology & morality.

Biblical Studies

Faculty expertise engages contemporary scholarship and research on the Bible with other literary approaches, including hermeneutics.

Catholic Social Teaching

Grounded in solid philosophical and theological foundations, this concentration enables one to engage the most pressing social and political concerns facing contemporary society.

Cultural and Historical Studies of Religion

This concentration focuses on comparative contemporary analysis of interreligious, multicultural & contextual religious experience.


Historical studies provide a key tool for philosophical & theological inquiry focused on the historical context and development of an idea to apply it to contemporary questions.

Moral Theology and Christian Ethics

This concentration emphasizes the Christian tradition of virtue ethics, as rooted in the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas.

Salesian Studies

Offered in cooperation with the Institute of Salesian Studies, this concentration offers a program of study and formation in the tradition of Don Bosco.


Focused on the Christian religious experience in the context of the broad contemporary understanding of spirituality & in conversation with religious spiritualities outside Christianity.

Systematic and Philosophical Theology

Emphasis on the need for theology to be pursued in its traditional Roman Catholic - and particularly Thomistic - roots, as well as in an ecumenical spirit.

Thomistic Studies

A DSPT specialty, this area of study brings together the greatest strengths of our faculty. Explore the primary texts of St. Thomas, their historical interpretations & their relevance today.

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