Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology

Between Phenomenology and Theology

Available Fall 2022

In his provocative essay, Phenomenology and the Theological Turn, Dominique Janicaud famously declared that contemporary French phenomenology had abandoned phenomenology for theology.  While his conclusions may be disputed, what is certain is that within the last half-century, phenomenologists in France have produced a variety of rich and fruitful writings reflecting on the nature and shape of religious experience.  This course will explore the work of these French phenomenologists, including Derrida, Marion, Henry, Chretien, Lacoste, Falque, and Romano.  This course presumes some familiarity with the phenomenological tradition.  Recommended prerequisite:  Contemporary Philosophy (PH 2001) or an equivalent introduction to contemporary philosophy.  Seminar format.  Intended audience:  M.A.Ph., M.A.Th., and Ph.D. students.

Seminar Coordinator: Justin Gable, OP

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