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Moving Pictures: The Bible and Beyond


Following the call of Via Pulchritudinis, DSPT is committed to fostering mutually enriching conversations that use art as a common ground between faith and reason, Church and society, or history and contemporary culture.

While engaging a variety of artists and art exhibition themes, Blackfriars Gallery focuses on works that explore the relationship between religion and the arts, or between sacred arts and culture. With a particular emphasis on Catholic art and culture, exhibitions provide students at DSPT and GTU with the opportunity to engage art with their research topics, thesis and dissertation work. Lectures and exhibition catalogs provide the public with interesting historical features of the art and their relevance to concerns of contemporary society.

Art Library

Blackfriars Art Library

To facilitate this dynamic relationship between art and study, the Gallery also suports a specialized library in religion and the arts. The library was developed over nearly four decades, first by Blase Schauer, OP and later by Michael Morris, OP. Since the death of Fr. Morris in 2016, DSPT has endeavored to bring the collection to the Vine Street campus in order to render it more accessible to students and faculty. The books (more than 5,000 volumes) have been relocated to the campus and the library will begin regular weekly hours.

Visitors may browse the catalog online, or while in the library, or simply wander through the stacks, which include sections on aesthetics, Catholic culture and worship, Christian iconography, Dominicans and fine arts, film and contemporary cinema, myth and ritual. There is a specialized collection on the Guild of St. Joseph and St. Dominic and the St. Dominic's Press of Ditchling (Sussex, England). There is also an archival collection related to the project of Fr. Blase, known as the Liturgy in Santa Fe. This collection includes history and culture of New Mexico, as well as historical documentation related to Liturgy in Santa Fe and those artists who worked with Fr. Blase.

Current Gallery Exhibition 

Love's Evangelist

Located in the main gathering area of the west building, Blackfriars Gallery is open to the public during regular school hours. Since opening in 2005, it has displayed many fascinating exhibits as evident in the list below.

We welcome artists to review our Galleria Use Guidelines and submit an exhibit proposal.