Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology

Board of Trustees

DSPT is guided by a Board of Trustees which, in consultation with the faculty and staff, sets broad academic policies, exercises financial oversight, and helps ensure that the school is adequately funded. Our Board, under the leadership of Peter Meringolo, is comprised of committed leaders of churches, businesses and community organizations that generously give of their time and talent.  Appointed members of the Board of Trustees are chosen on the basis of their willingness and capacity to present the School to others and to engage the interest of others in its mission, along with their particular ability, expertise, and financial support that they can bring to the School.


  Michael Augustine
Amabisco, OP
Christopher Fadok, OP
Justin Gable, OP   Louis Kim
Peter Meringolo, Chair Lori Mirek Peter Rogers, OP

Kevin Ryan Tom Woodhouse  
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