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Co-curricular Events

Have you noticed that the most significant lessons are often learned outside the classroom? Join our students each week for a special Student Night—where learning comes alive. Debate the metaphysics of chocolate, enjoy a private audience with one of our Fellows, critique your colleague’s thesis, or analyze “Good Will Hunting” through a Heideggerian lens.

Owl of Minerva - A philosophy forum

The Owl of Minerva meets once a month to discuss philosophy and related issues. A speaker, chosen at the previous meeting, prepares a question or controversial topic to present for twenty minutes followed by Q & A. Speaker must have taken at least one philosophy class. A reception follows and all are welcome. Questions?

The Dumb Ox - A theology forum

The Dumb Ox meets a few times each semester to hear a presentation on a theological topic and discuss it. It is an informal place for students to present their original ideas in a non-threatening environment, hone their critical thinking and speaking skills and are free to agree or disagree with the ideas being presented. A reception follows and all are welcome. Questions?

Philosophy Movie Night

Students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the local community gather several times each semester to discuss philosophical themes in movies. There will be a ten-minute talk before the movie and a related philosophical discussion after. Sponsored by DSPT Alumni, all movies are shown in Classroom 1, with movie theater style seats, surround sound and large screen. Light refreshments will be served. Admission is free, though donations are always welcome. Questions?

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An Alumni Perspective

“I had the opportunity to give presentations while working on on my MA. I gained experience presenting my ideas in front of people and learned how to handle myself during the question and answer session - great practice for conference presentations, a regular part of my life as a doctoral student.” - Elissa Cutter, MA Theology Alumna

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