Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology

College of Fellows

The issues that we must engage – whether ideas or realities – are found in a variety of disciplines of human endeavor. Conversation and discernment in relation to various disciplines (such as politics, government, law, economics, business, the sciences, bio-medical research, technology, media, and the arts) is therefore vital. To address this need, in 2006 under the leadership of the President at that time, Michael Sweeney, OP, the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology founded the College of Fellows.

Fellows serve as a resource to the School by gathering to consider the questions, problems, and opportunities of our day in light of both their own learning and experience and also their faith. Fellows offer analyses of contemporary issues, present colloquia to supplement the School’s curriculum, illumine issues where more probing philosophical and theological consideration is necessary, model collaboration of lay experts in the mission of the Church, and offer guidance to interested students. Fellows thus help the School to consider temporal matters that have philosophical and theological relevance from the perspective that their own competence and experience affords. They can thereby enhance the education that DSPT provides through its curriculum by offering for reflection the particular practical considerations without which prudence in engaging contemporary culture would be impossible. In their discussions and presentations, the Fellows are enriched by their conversation together, even as they contribute to the mission of the School.

Fr. Michael Sweeney is convinced that the laity has an office in the Church. It is directed towards the fulfillment of the properly secular mission of the Church, which is to redeem the culture. DSPT Fellows are instrumental in helping the School achieve its mission to preach – to engage men and women and the contemporary culture and to convert by means of a loving fidelity to both the truths that are knowable by experience and reason, and also the truth that is revealed in Jesus Christ.