Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology

2018 Come & See Week

Join DSPT for a chance to experience life as a student: Thursday, March 1 - Friday, March 2

REGISTER HERE - early registrants qualify for stipends!

The DSPT is a graduate school in the heart of Berkeley, where students gather as a “community of scholars” to study philosophy and theology in order to advance the Catholic tradition in all areas of life. The Come and See Week at DSPT is designed for all inquirers, applicants, and admitted students and will offer a variety of activities and events to introduce you to the academic and communal life at DSPT. If you're looking for a way to explore the campus, classes, and people of DSPT, this is your opportunity!

What should you expect?

You'll be a guest of DSPT and we'll make sure you get access to the best of DSPT's offering. Highlights include:

  • An array class visit options
  • Opportunities to meet with faculty, discuss areas of interest, and get your questions answered
  • Meet and socialize with students, faculty and staff over meals hosted by the school
  • Learn about the resources provided to students by the Graduate Theological Union and UC Berkeley
  • A presentation from faculty on the distinctiveness of Dominican education in philosophy and theology
  • Access to the San Francisco Bay Area - parks, food, art, music, and more!

          NOTE: Final schedule will be available by Jan. 15

Who's Invited?

The Come and See Week is open to all applicants and admitted students, as well as those who are just curious about life at DSPT. We encourage both locals and travelers to attend. Those who are local to the Bay Area may want to consider coming for one or both days. Those who are traveling are strongly encouraged to attend both days. We'll make stipends available for early registrants coming some distance, which includes aid for travel and lodging.  

DSPT can help you with your travel!

  • Travel stipends are available for those who sign up early, in order to aid both travel and lodging costs
  • Vouchers for transportation to/from the airport
  • Lodging offered at the beautiful, historic St. Alber'ts Priory, home to Bay Area Dominicans
  • Early Registration ends Janurary 31st 

REGISTER HERE - early registrants qualify for stipends!

The Difference of Dominican Education at the DSPT