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Requirements for the Concurrent Option in MAPh and MATh

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As a member of the Graduate Theological Union (GTU), DSPT participates in various focused areas of concentration that utilize the expertise of consortial (both DSPT and GTU) faculty. In careful consultation with their academic advisor, students in the concurrent MA option take four courses in the chosen area of concentration. Some areas of concentration further specify what courses must be taken. Applicants who are considering this option should take some time to get familiar with the Areas of Concentration as choosing one is part of the admissions process. The concurrent MA option requires 63 semester units of work, distributed as follows:

Required Areas (Units)

  • Systematic Philosophy (12)
  • History of Philosophy (6)
  • Scripture (3)
  • Historical Theology (3)
  • Systematic Theology (3)
  • Moral Theology (3)
  • Non-Christian Religion (3)

Electives - 21 units

In consultation with their academic advisor and in keeping with the area of concentration, students choose 21 elective units (7 courses). These units may be taken at DSPT, at any of the member schools or centers of the GTU, and/or at UC Berkeley.  

In Thesis - 9 units

9 units of “in thesis” allows students time for completion of a written thesis and an oral defense. 

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